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I recently purchased a Sylvania 32 in flat screen from AArons rent to own. While my t.vwas still under warranty the dvd player stopped working.

I took the t.v back to the Lynchburg, Va store for repairs. They had my t.v. 30 days BEFORE they even sent it out to be repaired. After numerous inquiries about when it would be fixed, Nora who was the one who did my paperwork for a loaner t.v.

told me that the t.v.

still had NOT been sent off for repair. The t.v was still under warranty when I brought it in to be repaired. I had a 60 day warranty for the t.v. and the store had it in their possession for 90 days, and it still is not fixed.

I paid $1400 for this t.v and don't think its right that all Aarons wanted was my money. The General Manager Sherry, was rude and told me since my t.v. was paid for there was nothing that she could do. I'm not trying to be difficult, I just want what I paid for.

They have returned the t.v. to me again and it still isn't fixed. When I called to speak with the mgr. about getting corporates phone number I was put on hold for 15 minutes, I also asked for a web site and was asked why?

To file a formal complaint that's why. The only person from that store that has made any attempt to try and help me was an employee named Corey. He was the one who picked up the t.v from my home and brought it back.

I don't want a hand out i just want satisfaction with my purchase which I don't have. Shantell Trayham

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today 5/17/2010 i had a bed rooom set delivered from arrons in woonsocket ri' when my girl notice a cocka roach on the mirror and one on the chest, now my house must be infested with them. they better get here and get this $3000.00 piece of *** out of here and be ready to take care of the problem


you shoulda bought a Sony!


You took the TV to the store to be fixed. You should take it to a authorized repair center.

The store is not a repair center. RTFM.

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