Gilbert, Arizona

arrons rental rented us a bed with bed bugs, the bites did a lot of damanage to my daughters they wont extertmminate the house until I sign a relase agreeing not to sue them for damages. I dont know what to do !

i dont deserve this i need a lawyer! theyame out approx 2 wks ago and did a home inspection and did find bed bugs in the matress they gave me..and as hard as they looked could find them no where else...they sent orrikin out to inspect too orrikin got the same results..bed bugs in the matress the rented to us; Allrn04@gmail,com anyone that can help

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I rented a living room set a couch a sofa and a carpet and a bedroom set with w pillowtop mattres no problems yet they gave us a vlock bag for mattres the guys who installed everything said in my state new jersey its illegal to resell bedding if they reposess somebodies stuff for non payment they aren't aloud to resell it because of health issues I googled vloc vlock however they spell it and it basically says they are like a pillow case for mattress that prevent bed bugs up to 5 years great what's that mean if I unzip this bag we will get eaten by bed bugs?????? No wonder the guys said their boss would be mad if the didnt leave that vlock bag for us


Nov. 22, 2012

By Robert Walker

After my encounter with a bed bug infestation from a mattress I bought from Arron’s Furntiure located at 11270 Crenshaw Blvd. Inglewood, CA Store Manager Alton who after reporting the issue immediately informing me that he was going to do anything about the problem. Having come out to me home and place two large plastic covers concealing the issue for it to only get worst at 7:00PM on November 21, 2012, then having spoken with a representative from Arron’s cooperate office and describing to situation to her only to respond the she was very sorry to hear of this asking why didn’t they just remove it a replace it with another, and even she was angry with the situation she remembers seeing a memo regarding Bed Bug issues. If I’m correct, any memo as such that would dramatically affect a company as large as Arron’s being a franchise distribution organization, would also pass this concern down to its franchises. But the stores are holding steady to telling its customers that they do not have Bed Bug Issues However she would report it to higher management. The store manager Alton after making several attempts to contact as he stated he would with me following the day after his inspection by 9:30AM failed to do so. I contact him at 10:00AM, 11:30AM, 1:00PM only to be told each time that he was not in and would return in 15 minutes. Finally I called at 2:30PM and was told that he was not in and would return in an hour’s time. I never spoke with as he stated would be priority. Then contacting my property manager she attempted to make contact with him leaving her name and the waiting game began. On her second call she did not leave her name asking for the manager. As Alton answered the phone, he told her that he had no intention to do anything about this asking her why, is she taking this so personal and that she should be more professional. At any rate this bed bug infested mattress still sits in my home.

Because of my uneasiness to rest I’m up at 4:00AM researching this problem in which Arron’s deny to have. Googling “Reports of Bed Bug problems with Arron’s Furniture Leasing & Sales literally thousand of customers through US who are reporting these same issues, some immediately after receiving the renter merchandise, others no more than two months. My Case I purchased the mattress on Oct 11, 2012, received it on October 15, 2012, uncovered November 10, 2012, and began seeing the effects of bites on my wife on November 12, 2012, then seeing the actual Bed Bug November 16, 2012, and the full infestation on November 20, 2012. After the initial refusal to do anything and having been threatened to hold Arron’s liable for financial damages, if there was no responsibility on behalf of Arron’s or the100% sure and that there distribution center have no issues such as Bed Bugs, Can someone please answer, why did Alton and a co-worker arrive at my home with two large plastic bags to contain this problem. And this would be te resolve to my issue according to Alton’s remarks to my property manager. There are those whose issues are correct by replacing the infested items with new furniture and guaranties that there had been quality assurance steps followed and practiced before items are sent out from major distribution warehouses. How could this be so if the items are new? And if there were no problems with Bed Bugs, why has Arron’s replaced furniture under the condition of signing contracts of disclosure not to mention or to pursue any further action of law suits.

Each representative I spoke with other than the Arron’s Cooperate Representative answering the phone with an apology, each of them Alton the store manager, and Josh the District Manager of the Inglewood location has attempted to divert the ture responsibility off of the store and on to the property receiving there items. How can the store truly know if an item is infected or not if it never comes direct from the store but from the distribution center and then to the store rapped and then delivered to its prospective customer? Once the package is opened and the truth is revealed of the infestation, by the time they send Orkin out to inspect the infestation has the possibility to spread. These are the question in which me as a consumer ask, and should also be the same approach Arron’s should take regarding the satisfaction policies of their customers. But it is very clear that they have adopted and unwritten and unseen procedure to deny, deny, deny any faulty component direct at its establishment. So what my next step? I’ve contacted the County Health Department, Consumer Affairs, and my attorney.

Arron’s your representative involved in covering up wrong, may be able to smooth over some, and you may even be able to sweep some things under the carpet. But know that I’m not one to lay down nor be swayed by partial correction.


I have the same problem too. We rented 2 bedrooms, 1 livingroom set.

My mom, my daughter and me started with itch. I had an allergy reaction to bed bugs bites, 3 times already in the hospital. Aarons sent Orkin to do the inspection, they found the bedbugs in the mattress, but I found bedbugs in my mom clothes, accesories, shoes, etc.

Still waiting for the fumigation. Im already have a lawyer.


I have the same problem. I rented full house furniture at Aarons Chester.

The first day my kids used the beds, the bed bugs attacked them! Now they are saying it was my fault!

That I infected their merchandise! I moved in the APt june 2th, and the furniture arrvived the 6th, my kids had no bites for those first 4 days!


I rented a living room suit from satins and after 2 months a notice something crawling on me so I put it in a bag and noticed it was a bed bug I called aarons tobtell them and offered half off on it and I said no.I want u to pick it up so now its been 3 weeks now and still can't get rid of them so im deciding to leave my home and start all over oh by the way they didn't want the furniture its on my back deck still wairin on them to pick it up.


I too am having the same issue with Aarons!

They are trying to force me to sign a legal waiver and nondisclosure waiver before they will pick up! Stop trying to bully me!


I to just rented to just from arrons. My god !

a couch I recieved from arrons was full of bed bugs and small spiders. They ate my two kids my boyfriend and me to pieces! We had to go to the emergency room. They told us they was sorry and they will do anything to fix the problem.

They brought me a new couch after I told not too! Not until they clean out apartment that my family just moved in we havent in our place a mouth.the apartment was empty only the couch we recieved from arrons. They promise to help us and turned their back on my family. They offered us a home makerover and pain sufferin.

Verbal. They valued the damages and ask what would be fair to clearg this problem up. It was almost agreeable and but I except the offer. Okin told them the bed bugs was threw out the house encludin spiders.

Okin told their coprate they was more in the rooms then the livin rooms of corse they would after the brought a new couch. Those spreaded threw the entire apartment that my family havent lived in a hold mouth. I threw out all the kids beds my bed clothes everything! Because arrons said that they would replace it.

Now they are goin on sumthen because said. This wittnes is there imployers . Richard the manager for arrons gave me fause promises wich he wittnes the problem and except to help us now we out of beds clothes and alots of more things he wittnes when he came to my apartment I just moved in not even a mouth ago. Could sumone help me!

I struggle to keep my family safe been livin wit my mother moved out from under her now this! Arrons really need to fix these problems.

We just tryin to comfortable and look at the problems arrons brought to my new home. Only god will make them pay for their misake!


Aaron's is a joke they will pay one day


The same just happened to me!!! My son is scared from all the bedbug bites from a couch We bought.

They offered to bring in orcid to spray the house and no one ever called back! I even called corporate and they kept telling me they would get to me and gave me a number lol. Never heard from them. My son missed 3 weeks of school it was so bad.

Please email me and We can fight them together possibly.

It would be great to have as many people with this problem as possible to go up against them.


@Anonymous - Thank you for making us aware of this issue with your local Aaron's store. I have forwarded your review to the appropriate parties for further investigation.

I can assure you that this will be handled within a timely manner. Please contact me at 678-402-3403 or by email @ if you have any additional questions or if you need additional assistance.

I will send you a email as well. Thanks - Jessica

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