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My husband and I rented what we thought was a really nice couch and love seat from Aarons. We had it about 5 months when the back of the couch broke. Literraly broke in half. Now it's only my husbnad and I that sit on these things. We called to get a repair man out there, and the manager never did anything about it. Totally ignored scheduling someone. We waited a week and called again. Finally he called to say someone would be out the following week. They never showed. We ended up going to a wonderful new place and getting something else, told them to pick up the broken ***. The delivery person from Aarons looked at my husband and said they would not take it back. Well needless to say, in the end, they did. Now get this, my granddaughter went in to rent a tv from them. The couch was on the floor, with a sign stating "rent this new set for.......$$". My grand daughter looked at it closely and found a small tear in the leather of it, that was made when they moved it in the beginning. Nice to know that they put damaged merchandise back on the floor.

My daughter rented a large screen TV. We got it to the house, was watching tv and found *** roaches roaming inside. Once again, they were called, and we were told they don't rent things with bugs in it. Well we are clean people and we sure as heck do not have them creatures. They picked it up and gave her another tv, that isn't even working right.

Would I refer this company ever again or deal with them? NO

I will stick with HOMESMART, even if they are a sister company. At least they know how to treat customers!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Repair.

Monetary Loss: $675.

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Fair Alien,

Because we wanted to give them a chance to rectify their screw ups. We are the type of people to give people a second chance.

The couch had not broken at that point in time. Thanks for commenting.


Why would a relative of yours rent from the same defective place where you rented that terrible couch?

Didn't she know about that?

She didn't cut ties w/ them after the roach motel in the tv....seriously?

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