Fort Lauderdale, Florida

i was rent a center for the last 5 years. Two of those years i worked with marco who was mang at that time which was a great mang. person and was great in sales. he gor me to rent the things that i own now.I didnt mind the higher prices conpared with rent a center because of him. Then he left and went to Aarons. Everything webt to *** after that. ALL WE HAD WAS PROBLEMS.. I pay them now 600.00 a month and are treated like the are going me a favor.No customer service rude and nasty people and talk down to people. I told Bernard who i mang. now to come get the stuff cause i was making a payment and refused my cash. What company refuses cash? instead i told them to come get there stuff. I got in my car went straight to Aarons where marco was bought a bedroom and laptop for half the price that i was paying. Abd what service i could not believe that. He really wanted my bussiness. So nice sweet honest i cant belive there are stores still nowadays that have real people with good service. Aarons is one one for a goos deal and Great costomer service. Stacey Iacometta


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