I am / was a long time renter four years not messing a payment 3 computers and he washer/dryer combo noting but problems with the frigiadaire front end loader they have been out 5 times are more not with out problem.i have been through 3 managers all with diffrent problems in management all with diffrent promises.

remember to get those in writing these little money grabing back stabers you have to watch.

which ends with a question how many times do they come out before it's enough just replace it.Mike the now manager should be replaced thats a whole other problem

Review about: Aarons Manager.

Monetary Loss: $2060.

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I will never go to Aarons again.I went through one store for a TV.

It was a 12 month hassle. A couple years later I got my daughter a laptop.

After paying for 11 months I had $18 to pay it off and I was not agreeing with the total.They tried to come pick up the laptop.

Brooklyn, New York, United States #736109

I'm glad for all these comments and info. I just walked into an Aarons I didn't even realize was in my neighborhood (store just popped up). I saw some beautiful sofa's and the sales girl was trying to pressure me to buy it right then and there. I was trick or treating with my little one and he wanted to go before all the stores ran out of candy so I told the girl I will come back tomorrow.

Well I need a sofa, dinner table, bed frame, rugs, and end tables. I moved into a new apt recently and am slowly collecting furniture but the Holidays are here and I'd like the living/dinning room set up quickly. Now most of these complaints are about repairs/customer service. As long as Aarons isn't doing anything weird or criminal then I'll deal.

I will definately take it easy though. I will only get the sofa which is about 600-700 dollars. Perhaps I'll do 6 months so I can pay it off quickly and get on with life. If everything goes cool for those 6 months and I pay off the sofa then I'll purchase something else from them. I'll do it one item under 1000 at a time.

to Lizard #780368

Actually I would say to beware, if you do save ALL your receipts.My contract expired in Dec 2013.

I just found out they added 2 more months, so to say the least I will be suing to have the contract voided due to fraud and unjust enrichment.

They do not fulfil their warranty, when you ask for it to be fixed they do not do their part. Their contracts are very uneven. When they harass you even though they can call cause your late (because the think they are the only ones that work, but their customers don't).

I gave them my new number 6 times, my husband gave the driver his and mine again. But of course they don't get to collect 10$ if they just call you, that is why they drive to your home.

I say watch out, they violate their contracts, they do report to your credit report and under it it states installment loans, they do not accurately record your payments ( I paid most online) and they charge more then the contract states.

Just beware, this is not slander or deflamation- this is what I went thru and still am.

Don't trust them at all!!!

My contract is for 24 months, yet they are charing me for 26 moths, plus almost 200.00 more then the contract states to be paid in full. A bad contract is the same as no contract!see you in court Aaron's.

Your not cheating me anymore.:eek

Clare, Michigan, United States #729161

Had a problem with the dry repairs would take a while in a combination unit.They brought dryer till repairs could be maid.



Orrville, Ohio, United States #683907

im a longtime customer bought lots of stuff i bought this coutch and love seat i payed for a year then are coutch started springs going up your *** and the guy said it wasnt reparable and it was on aarons so we decide to get 2 loveseats and were not able to make any payments after we paid a year they leave us with nothing they are so gready and i had to pick something i didnt even want.they are crooks and ill never deal with them again i told them to come and get your *** i dont want any of it.im really pissed im out of the thous dallars nothing to show who in there right mind wouldnt pay that much money on two love seats come on!the way there doing buissness they will fall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


When you rent from them the tv is still theirs so they are liable to fix it. the tv is only yours after it is paid for. Obviously you never leased something from aarons so get your facts straight before you call some a lazy a** when the cotract says to contact aarons if something is broken.


Stay far away from aarons they screwed me over and harassed my parents house when they had nothing to do with this and called relatives I haven't seen in over ten years I never put them down as references.When I called the worker David from ontario ca store gave me smart a** remarks as all I wanted was my "pay off" amount so they can get out of my life for good!

After he refused that I called corporate if that doesn't help I will seek some legal action.It shows they already have a lawsuit filed and I am glad but they should shut down for good.


The only real complaints I am seeing is bad CS. Maybe the something needs repaired, but OMG how hard is it for lazy a***s to get up and fix it themselves. Or at least get someone you trust instead of the company you already owe money to.

to Sarah #752814

when you are paying double for something you deserve the best CS available. They promise great service but give you ***. See the problem now?

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