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After taking over 3 weeks to deliver a bed, I finally got my new bed. It didn't fit up the stairs so all I ended up with is a mattress and a box spring.

After using it for the first month, I decided I really wanted a whole set so I was going to go find something else. I called Aarons to have them come pick it up and he is refusing. He said that they won't come get it until I make a full month payment; I got the first month on a "$25 for the first month" special.

He said it is in my contract that they will not pick up until an initial payment is made, it is not--he went over this with me word for word.

My contract says; "My intial lease is for 1 month". He is stating that the $25 is not the initial month. He then said we could go to arbitration over this. I said that is fine but come pick it up now so that I won't owe more, but he said no, he will not come and pick it up until I make a payment.

He continued to state that the special is not a real monthly payment, I let him know that no one, or no where did anyone say that to me. It doesn't matter. I asked him to send me an email stating what he just told me, and he said that Aarons does not communication via email. I am guessing this keeps them out of trouble in litigation.

The entire time he was interrupting me, talking over me, and trying to bully me.

I don't bully easily. I asked to speak to a manager and there is no one available until Monday.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Manager.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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So sorry to hear this and understand the frustration. I would love to help get issue resolved.

Can you email me at response@aarons.com with the primary name on the acct and best number to contact you at.



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