Plainfield, New Jersey

Update by user Sep 14, 2016

My situation has been taken care of

Update by user Sep 13, 2016

Called store again The so called acting manager says I'll send someone Thursday

They've lied to me so many times he says no but they think people r ***

Says he doesn't have enough help Then why tell me for 2 weeks your coming. 4 days of waiting all day everyone of those days giving different excuses

Tells me there t no chemicals in the furniture.

Your selling furniture & your not aware of the chemicals that they use to preserve. It all has it. This set has more than usual.

He told me he wasn't continuing the conversation Apparently they r doing a whole lot of firing.

They need to finish cleaning out that store. Not enough help is understandable-but to continually tell someone they r coming & giving different excuses every time is unprofessional & ruining the business

Original review posted by user Sep 13, 2016

Ewing no store

Have severe allergies to chemicals in leather furniture I've waited total of 4 days past few weeks for them to pick this furniture up They continually lie. We're leaving now-were coming in the afternoons-that night were making room on the truck-we don't have enough people. Constant lies. Katie told me I'll come out on Saturday to get it. No show-I call & she's off thst day

I tell them I'm anaphylactic Benadryl is not helping I'm getting worse. I have to use epipen. They don't care Katie says open a window. I'm opening windows using 2 air cleaners. Central air trying everything. What an air head

They lie & BS about everything. Then they can't even cover their own butts to coverup lies they tell

Let's face it. If they were any good at sales or customer service they wouldn't be working there. If they bring u damaged furniture they will keep telling u an upholsterer will be out. That never happens. There is none. So they tell u they will bring u new replacement. That doesn't happen either.

Corp never called back

I've contacted BBB & a lawyer

At one point they told me to put the furniture on my back porch. 2 big guys had to bring it in. I'm a sick 61 yr old woman. Don't deal with these people.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Pick Up Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Aarons Pros: Problem has been settled, Been settled.

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