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My spouse and I got tv and ps4 we were late in payments but always caught up never got a receipt when we asked multiple times today Marla general manager for aarons in Watsonville ca robbed us we told her we'd be there to sign actual contract and drop off the rest of payment as the ps4 was in car already I said leave to which point Marla wanted to take the whole merchandise I know I was late but have them cash and pa4 like they asked then she wanted tv which I said leave she called the cops and called it a domestic dispute acting as a neighbor cold barged into my house guns drawn she put my family in jeopardy as I battle a court order with my ex wife without question cops could of taken me to jail all because of her power trip we wanted to fix this all that money never one receipt when aske dmultiple times then she poses as a neighbor and calls te cops claiming domestic dispute Marla it was the most I natured unprofessional thing ever U spoke to me took payment every time and when the time came I'm not on the contract my contract is blank worst employee ever selfish and I'm sure has reasons at home to act this way but to lie to get the police here guns drawn is overboard

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Manager.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Dear Anonymous,

Thanks for bringing this to my attention and I would be happy to help you. At your convenience, could you email me at or call me at 678-402-3403 with details including first and last name, exact store location and the best phone number to reach you?

I look forward to hearing from you and resolving your concerns.




Next time you respond to a customer, please make sure to double-check your contact information. I'm 99.9% sure that your email address isn't "" but is "".

Much professionalism... /facepalm


Please, the next time you write a review, use punctuation. I tried to read this, but had to stop after the first 2 lines because it made no sense.


You sound a little overboard yourself.

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