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My guy and I went into aarons on a friday night, picked out what we wanted and filled all the paperwork out. My guy has it in his name so i put myself as a reference with name address phone number and all. They told us after the fact i couldnt because i lived with him so we added an additional person. We were told our order would arive the next day (saturday) by 3 assuming all references checked out and if they didnt we would be notified. Saturday came and 3 was gone and we still had nothing to show for it.

When we went in and talked to the manager he told us he couldnt get ahold of our apartment complex or either of our works but all of our personal references checked out and they got ahold of all of them. When we asked why we were never called and they said they called us all day and no one answered. We had our phones by us aaaallll day and never had a call from their office. The number they had put into their system was THREE NUMBERS OFF from ours!!! We asked why they didnt call me and they said they didnt have my number, we showed them i was on their for the personal referencess and they said they saw it but couldnt use it as a reference because i live there. . .HELLO!!!

Then we were told that because of their lack of responsibility (or double checking anything) it would be almost a week before we got our stuff AND we would be charged for it. The only catch to getting it was that we had to get our managment and apt complex to get back to them.

First step, we went to our complex and again did aarons job for them. They said their fax machine had been going off all day but no one from aarons had called. Well we got our proof that we lived there and took it to aarons and asked what number they called. Keep in mind the day we came in we had given them a card with mngments number, phone, and fax number on it. THEY CALLED THE FAX!!! this was the manager doing this!

Next step, i called my manager up and asked why he hadnt called aarons back. Aarons had called him earlyer in the day, refused to say who they were or where they were from and said they would call back later because they were busy! WTF DUDE!

After a week of calling him a retarded child we finally got our stuff. The delivery guy was over an hour late because (get this its the awsome part) he STILL hadnt changed the number in the system after we told him to! The guy brought up our stuff (which happened to be a washer dryer system) sat it in my hall way and said he would be on his way. I was told when i got it that it would be hooked up, in place and ready to go by the time he left and now im beeing told because of liability they dont do that and havnt for nearly 5 YEARS! i called the manager up and screamed i was so p*s*e* and he ended up telling the delivery driver to just do it and run. The delivery driver did and left (leaving me with a dent in my dryer) and i thought i was dont. not!

I went into pay, guess who i get, the manager! I told him our name, couldnt find me in the system, told him my address, couldnt find me, told him my phone number. . .can you guess? couldnt find me! Even tho i spelled my name out for him (slowly remember because hes retarded) he spelled it wrong, AND my phone number is STILL wrong in the system.

DO NOT RENT FROM AARONS IN HIGH POINT NC or you will be so sorry

Monetary Loss: $500.

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What do you expect? Only losers with terrible credit shop at Arron's!! Suprised any company would take a chance giving someone merchandise knowing there is a great chance they will never get paid.


I have 7 contracts with the Aarons on South Main in High Point, NC and I have never had a problem with ANYONE who works there, so you must be talking about the *** at the store on North Main, who I have to admit when he was managing the store on South Main was a definite jacka$$. The store on South Main is awesome though, they are always willing to work with you, help you out whenever they can and have NEVER been rude to me, probably why I have the numerous contracts I do.

So if you have a bad experience with the Aarons on North Main, my advice is to close the accounts with that jacka$$ and move them to the store on South Main. I promise its a completely different experience!


Ok. Obviously this store has either hired some extremely ignorant people, or they've hired some extremely ignorant people.

People like this give the company a bad name. Keep in mind, this is not the fault of Aaron's, Inc.

as a whole, simply this store.

Some of the things you reported as so ridiculous their almost hard to believe, but I do believe you. Hopefully, these *** will be fired, and decent hard working intelligent people will be back in the Aaron's of HP workforce.

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