Conyers, Georgia

I recently moved to a new state and left everything i owned due to expenses to move . I found work and got settled so i went to rent a living room set and tv and paid my bills on time every month.

Then the manager started calling me on a personal level and started talking about how much he wanted us to be together and move in together once he got out of his lease where he was . And that he wanted me to be home with the children his and mine because his needs full time care due to their behavior issues. And he has resources to help me with bills. I was in a house fire and burned pretty bad and out of work of course i was still able to pay my bills out of my savings but once they ran out my job had let me go .of course the manager knew all of this because we were on a personal level i got behind in my payment to them by 2 months and saw he wasn't helping me like he said so i cut it off with him..

then my brother told me he was coming to his house asking about me .not about the bill but about me .so he told him i just found work and where i worked and he popped up at my job. I asked him was this about the bill and he said its a personal visit .mind you i was almost 3 months behind in paying the company. I still kept it professional and informed him that i will catch up on my payment wheni get paid he quickly said I'm not here about that .asking me if i still love him. The day i got paid i went home and he pulled in behind me blocking me in i asked him to move .

He got out of the truck and said i thought you were coming to see us .i said mighty funny you weren't even worried about the payment the other day .and i told him i was going before they close. So he called someone at the store and told them i was coming and hung up . Then he said i know you still love me i stated no i don't and please leave because my close friend is in the house and this looks unprofessional. He then hit me in my face and i went to hit him back and he moved .i drove around the truck and went to make the payment and informed the other manager what took place and that i don't want to deal with that person any further because he hit me and informed him next time things would turn out different he stated he's not scared of you then made me wait 30 minutes to make my payment while he was on the phone .

When i walked out he came behind me and said he was ready to take the payments. There's so much more but i feel like I've already wrote a book

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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