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Me and my husband went to Aarons looking for a washer and dryer.At first, we were treated good, until the salesman took our application.

We rented from them before years ago, but for financial reasons, we had to take the tv back. That was almost 4 years ago. He made us wait a while, until some lady who did not work at aarons showed up and talked to my husband. Turns out that the salesman ran some kind of credit check and yes, my husband pawned his car title and still owes some money to Moneytree, located not too far from aarons.

She asked him if he was going to pay what he owed, he replied that he is been paying every month and he is almost done with the debt, which is true. But this lady was really rude, she demanded the rest of the money (only $100), which he did not have to pay yet with an attitude. My husband did not have the money, so she told him "I'm going to garnish your wages, then" and she left. We were puzzled, especially when we saw her talking to the salesman like they were great friends.

Obviously, we left without getting anything.

Do not trust aarons.

they do run a credit check and if you owe anythin, even if you are paying it off, they wont give you anything.that is false advertisement!

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they can not and do not do that. someone scammed you

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I can assure you the woman wa probably from moneytree.My husband happens o have no credit and they didn't check his, they called his references.

If you owe money somewhere else and she was from moneytree he was used as a reference.I wish you luck in he future.


If you follow the Dave Ramsey plan, you don't rely on ceidrt.You don't have a car loan and you pay 20% down on your house so you get a good interest rate.

My ceidrt score sucks right now, but my insurance cost have not gone up. Get with the program!I am sure that you will not allow any comments considering that you have a poor feedback and no comments have yet to be approved.

People like you make me sick with your promises to help poor people.You prey on them and I am sure you are scheming


Aaron's does not run credit checks.Everyone is pre-approved.

However, Aaron's does report GOOD payers to credit companies to help boost their credit.Aaron's does not report anything that would have negative affects on your credit.


Aaron's does check and report credit, just ask them!Tell them you want to build up your credit and they will jump right in and tell you they report to all 3 companies!

A skip trace is a quick credit check, sue them! Everyone else is and winning! Look it up, why do you think Charlie is selling them?! The company will be pieced up and sold off.

no more Woodhaven, East paces advertising, lamp company, of over paid managers! They are ripe for the picking!

EVERYONE knows they file criminal charges on customers, treat the poor like *** and CHECK/REPORT CREDIT!:cry




I don't know what to say, they could say that they don't run your credit, but why are we going to believe what they say, specially with their lame out of control prices, If i were you, Don't get anything from there, save up a few hundred dollars and buy your stuff Cash, you will pay like 5 times less of what Aaron's will charge you at the end anyways.


Aarons does NOT run credit checks. You can see who has checked your credit on your credit report. I have a TV from there and they did not view my credit report.


I was told by Aarons in Yuba City, that they report to all 3 credit bureaus after 6 months.


Maybe save your money until you have $100 and then go pay back the loan you owe. Then pay back any other money you owe to anyone you owe money to. Then save up another $100 (I know this is probably like 3 months salary for you) and go buy a used washer/dryer with that $100.....jeeze, people never learn.

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