Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania
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I went to Aarons leasing in Williamsport Pa. I LEASED A BEDROOM SUIT.

We talked to the salesman and told him about two lap top computers we had that needed fixed. He told us he could fix them we gave them to him and after 2 months we called and he said he sent them to be checked out. After a while we found the place he sent them to and the guy said he was told to keep the big one and we were to pay $300. For them to fix the other.

If we wanted both we had to pay $650. We never got the computers back that Aarons gave away to this guy.

So the stole our computers DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING TO GET FIXED THERE.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Leasing.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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These were my personal computers. I did not by they from Aarons.

I bought a bedroom suite from them and was looking at computers and told the sales manager about my computers and he said he could fix them.I went into Aarons to talk to them about it and the same sales manager said I should go to the police to charge the computer place he took our computers to.

When I went to the police they said I am to bring charges against Aarons becaused thats who I gave the computers to.I told the sales manager this and he is upset that I would charge them. But that is what is happening now


I would talk to someone in legal aide or a private pl about your situation. If you had faithfully paid them without no late fees, then you should be redeemed your items.

Thanks for letting me know about this place. I know now not to trust RAC or Aarons

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