Rochester, New York
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I have been renting a computer from Aarons store in Deland Florida, and I must say They are some of the rudest people ever. I am behind on my payment by about 13 days and I ALWAYS pay I have paid over $700 to them already.

They call me about 20 times a day which I can prove, they told my coworker who I don't even have down as a reference my business such as I am late and so on , and they knock at my door at 8:30 am When I have 2 sick children. I cannot wait to get this computer paid off I have 3 payments left and I am done with Aarons.

I have 3 things paid off from Rent a center I will go back there. I have also discouraged 3 friends of mine from going to Aarons because of this.

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I got a bunk bed set from them for 1,200 I've played well over 1,200 on the beds already. When I first got the bed I noticed damage and writing and drawers that get stuck under the bed.

I'm now 1 month behind due to loss of job.

They come to my house every day the call my husbands cell phone and work phone at least 10 times a day. Can I get them in trouble for harassment?


They are a overpriced poorly ran company


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