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I have rent to own from Aaron in Holyoke ma now my first estimate is $1,537.21 them went come to sing the contract the value came to $1,736.41 a the total cost to own a bedroom set now is$3,914.26 a suppose to be a new bedroom set a is all scratch up a some part are broke like the dresser also buy a 58" Rc smart1080p led tv the price was $389.10 a now as I see the contract they charging $1,121.88 what is this rep off

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Furniture Leasing.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I don't care what Aaron's posts. I was looking at something in the Aaron's store in Philadelphia one day and I observed a manager speaking with a man.

The man had bought the warranty coverage and had a police report. The tv he almost had paid off was stolen from his home along with other things. When he walked out the manager spoke out loud to the other people in the store saying,"I'm not submitting this report from the cops!", he threw it away and said he was gonna have the man locked up and charged. Ok???

First of all. There *** too goddam personal about a business. If someone paid for the goddam insurance. Then it'll be paid stupid.

Unless of corse Aaron's is collecting from the insurance for themselves. The items are paid for by the claim and they are double dipping by now charging the consumer again for the product they already got paid for from the insurance or warranty!!! Listen people. Credit consumer lawyers are the new thing.

Flitter and Lorenz is at this moment collecting people who have. Even criminally charged and or reported to the credit bureaus for there accounts and forming a class action lawsuit. I'm in it. And they will be investigated for making claims on accounts,briber g paid for merchandise then continuing to then still charge the customer when the debt is legally paid or void.

Thank god for this long waited consumer protection laws to actually be unforced. It's called liquidated debt. It's no longer allowed to be reported to credit agencies reguardless if you had insurance or warranty. It's the law.

You cannot assume the value of that said merchandise is the same. There's no proof that the consumer might of had problems with it considering it is used stuff. Bugs,malfunctions. Ectera.

The bureaus don't have to look into what if's do the law was handed down in cases there are variables in the actual cost value or problematic reason to not fitful your once agreed budget with them they can no longer deem it true and factual. Sorry to say Butt too many business are run by uneducated people and all it does is help people cause lawyers will represent you for free and take a cut later.

It's a slam dunk situation. The should get there act together .



Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We would love to help get this resolved.

Can you please email us at response@aarons.com with the primary name on the account, store name, zip code and the best contact number.

Thank you,


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