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So I recently rent to own a Bed with a hideaway 32 inch t.v. in the footboard.

I had no problems with it the first 2 months i had it but it recently broke down due to the cords from the t.v. being tangled and burnt out the motor. Now since I had came into extra money I paid the whole bed off before the incident happened.... Big mistake!!!

After calling back and forth for a month and a half to resolve the issue Aarons decided to replace the footboard with the one on the showroom floor. The day after they said it wasn't their problem the t.v. broke because it hade cable running to it. I said what!!!

How do you put a t.v. in a footboard without running cable to it. Then he said you placed a t.v. in the footboard we didn't install it.

I said what!! Your people did install the original flat screen t.v. I had. Then they eventually said well we don't cover damage to the footboard so how you want to handle this.

I warn you. Once you pay off your merchandise, you're on your own.

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Would u happen to have a number on da bed so i cam locate it on da aarons data base

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