Honolulu, Hawaii

I paid my 73 tv off less than 90 days of paying it off it quit working called the store in peoria,il where I bought from got the run around for a week finally that friday I went into the store and talked to the general manager told him what was goin on he replied they dont fix anything after 60 days of paying it off I told him thats bull I have been renting from you for four years now paid off frig a 60in tv aliving room out fit a 73 inch tv he still told me cant help me I told him I will never rent from this company again

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Tv Rental.

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Lol that's why you purchase the extended warranty. And besides, if you got the DLP that's what happens when you purchase outdated technology


btw, do you still have sound on your tv? It may just be a bulb...thats easy to replace and will only cost you somewhere between 120-150. Good Luck.


its simple..the agreement states that your covered under the service plus during your lease and 60 days thereafter. Thats way more than any other place will give you. What do you expect?


@Anonymous - Thank you for your review in reference to your local Aaron's store. I have forwarded your review to the regional manager of this location to further research.

Please contact me at Response@aarons.com or at 678-402-3403 if you have any additional questions or need further assistance. Thanks - Jessica

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