Las Vegas, Nevada

Arron's furniture is horrible do not rent from these people if u are one payment late they call the police and file a robbery charge against you. when you try to give it back they don,t want it they will try to ruin your credit and call everyone you use as a reference if you are a day late.They come to your job talk to your neighbors even your landlord please don,t do it just save your money and buy out right sleep on the floor if you have to just don,t do business with this company.

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I havent had such problem with them, I got a tv from them, only once did they show up to collect payment or tv back, only because i was past due and forgot to make the payment, no cops were called like mentioned above.. Im planning to get my ps3 there again, since not only did paying off the tv help my credit report, i also will get 50% off (1st payment)on my next purchase which will be the ps3..I understand it may be annoying if your late on payment, by calling your referances and doing what they need to do to collect.. but really...Dont be late on your payment and you wont run into any problems, also pay 2 payments in advance just in case you forget to pay the next months you will have that extra months payment cover the month you cant pay or what not..


I totally agree DO DONT go to arrons they are a horrible company and do not know how to treat their customers. There is no need for the harrassment give people especially when it could affect one's job.

I rented from Arrons once and recieved horrible service. The owner of this company need to really consider changing everything about how they operate because someone is going to get them put out of business ( I hope!)

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