Seymour, Connecticut
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So maybe about two years ago I went to Aaron's to rent furniture. Everything was good .

Until I made a few late payments . They would call and start the threats and I would give them a day I would pay . Expect one time . I told them I need a little more time and the manager said I can do it just make them payment as soon as possible .

Ok . So then I guess the store hype man called my references and said " how you talk to ______ she hasn't made a payment since ____ and we are looking for her because she needs to pay and she owes _____um privacy act. Why are you calling anyone but me and telling all my business . So then I really stop paying .

And then they have a nerve to have some fake *** processing company to call and threaten me . Take me court!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I have that problem. SF, NM store hss had good mgrs.

Ive had few late pymts but purchased ALOT. this last yr the store help is rude uneducated. Cant take a note down. At this date do threaten and like you say....

Take me to court. Once im done i hope this store shuts done too.



This is very unfortunate. We can look into any issues you may having and resolve them the best way we can if you email us at with your account info.

Thank you,


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