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Got a living room set and a twin size bed from aarons. Ive only had them 2 and a half weeks and i started to get bites on my body.

We found a live bug to which we found out was a bed bug. Then when called to let them know of the situation, they tell me about their 5 star rating they have for bed bugs...apparently it did not work. The general manager was nice at first but then wouldnt communicate with me during the process of the bed bug investigaton. We watched him as he searched the living room set for them and one was found on the couch.

He puts it on his paper that he was writing all his stuff on and when the search was over on the living room set was over he flicked the bug out my door in my yard. He then continued the investigation and searched my bed i have had for years and he said he found nothing. Then searched the twin bed we got from them and found nothing...the twin size bed still had the mattress protector on it and the boxspring was still wrapped in plastic. He found nothing again.

I told him i have to get rid of everything in my house. I have a family. This is such a huge inconvenience on myself and my family since weve had to wash and bag up clothes and stay in a hotel. The general manager was contacted this morning after i called customer service and as i was told i asked the following things...have you given the investigation paper to your regional manager?

He stated yes. Then as i was told i asked what are you guys going to do. I told them when they came to do investigation i wanted them to pick their *** up, that im not paying for them! He said they cant take them back and he told me that many times and said that i am still financially responsible for the payments.

No where in the contract does it say if we deliver bed bug ridden furniture, you will still be responsible for the items. I NEVER asked for bed bugs. I never asked for this inconvenience on myself and my family! I never asked to get bitten several times and itch like crazy!

Finally I called to make the complaint since nothing would be taken care of per the general manager. The regional manager got my complaint and called me the same day. I told her thr situation and of course she keeps insisting they never brought me bed bugs. I NEVER had problems before we got the furniture from them.

The bites only happened after I would sit on the couch...i spend alot of time in the living room on that couch doing homework and being near my kids. She finally said they will come pick up my stuff after i said my lawyer would be contacting her. I told her i want a copy of the investigation report since the general manager had me sign NOTHING stating they came and did the investigation. And i also told her i want a refund in full since they have inconvenienced my family and myself.

The general manager did not take a picture of thr bed bug that was found on the couch. I have a picture of the bed bug and also i have a picture of just 3 of the bites. Im sure they will be just taking my living room set and puttin it back on the floor to rerent. I am still going through with a lawyer due to our hotel stay and having to go to doctor for these bites.

The regional manager had an attitude while we discussed the matter and just kept saying they did not bring the bugs to me, but i did not have an issue prior to getting the stuff. I havent even had the stuff a month and this happens. I will never get anything from them again in my life.

The regional manager said they checked the show room floor for bed bugs...im sure just as well as the living room set they sold me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Customer Care.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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What did you think they would do with this furniture when renters return it? Throw it away?

LOL. Keep in mind that most of the people that would rent furniture live in apartments in ghettos. They have all sorts of bugs and drugs. Why would you want to transplant someone else's garbage into your home?

Do you by used underwear, too? Think about it. Other people eat, sleep, shoot up, let their pets p33 on them and *** on these like in motels.

*** some probably even *** their pets on these.

Then, take into consideration that you are paying 5x more renting this garbage than you would have if you had just save up cash to buy. GROSS!!



We take these issues very seriously and want to look into this. Can you please email us at response@aarons.com with details, primary name on the account, store name, zip code and best contact number. We greatly appreciate your business and want to get this issue resolved for you.

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