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I have had several contracts with aaron's this is my sixth and they call and harrass me at my job even after tell them don't call and on my day of,f without even coming to my house, they go to my job!!!!! My personal business should not be conducted at my place of business and they left my information with a cashier!!!

Now everyone at work knows all about my situation!!!!They didnt' even attempt to call my contacts, just showed up on my job. Now my boss is considering writing me up for excessive personal phone calls from them calling and showing up!!!!

Monetary Loss: $1300.

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Rosenthal FDCPA and many others that govern collection practices. If you ask them not to come and they do it's called harassment.

Yes you should pay your bills but I'm guessing that those commenting about it are greedy as fug. Because they must've balling and never experienced financial issues.

And clearly don't want to offer society any useful advice. But hey do what you can to pay them and sue the Shiite out of them if their actions bring harm upon you.


they do that...they came to my job at a busy resteraunt during the dinner rush. I was three days late with my $33 payment...They are a@$holes...and for the people that think this is justified you are a@&holes too.

Do credit card companies do that? f$&ck aarons


Screw Aarons! The people on here talking *** about people not paying their bills clearly work for the sorry *** company.

Man I would hate their job having to chase people down.

If someone doesn't pay then put it on thier credit or get a judgment against them. After they started stalking me at my home and job I decided to forget about paying them just based off of principal.


Just PAY the bill or do auto debit then you dont have to worry about it.


you got to be the dumbest person, pay your bills.


To all these people that are saying pay on time these must be people that work there...bc sometimes the date its due isn't the day you get paid DUH....I believe there are laws that you have to abide by and harrassment is one Georgia Consumer Affairs and the BBB will help with all this...


I've rented from them a few times. When I was late, they called.

They may have called a few extra times, but come on, I had their stuff, and I missed the agreed upon date to pay. So who's fault is that, theirs?

Pay your stuff on time and they won't harass you. If they do happen to come to your job, simply sue them for it.


I do not care what the situation is Aaron's had no business going to her job. Now everyone at her job knows that she is having problems at home.

Aaron's do worry people about paying them. If you are due on Tuesday and you do not pay on Tuesday they are calling you Wednesday morning WTF the month has not even went out BEWARE OF Aaron's just pay cash for anything you want!


well i got a tv and stand from aarons use on 12/20/11 they came with it the tv had no remote for it i will be wright back with the remote 3 hours gose by and i go to the store ask for the remote the one came to the house told me brb went and told the one loking for there no remote we have to get one went i was told i was u told me that before i told them come get it and just bring me a new one in the box's i was told i have to keep this one for 72 day or pay on 3 times on top of it all i was told to go to walmart a get a remote i said thats not my job thats what u get payed for and on a new tv wont give me one i can only have use so today there to be here i got a new tv here they can see with a remote lol wtg aarons


I'm sorry that you had that experience but you did sign a contract and why didn't you just give the merchandise back if you couldn't afford it they would have let you pick up the payments at a later time when you could afford to pay DUH ?????????????


Look I'm sorry but i def believe u work there.there's noway its legal to call n show up at a persons job .no *** way.


mimi works there lol


Tell them to go *** themselves...if they show up at your work stop paying them and tell them to take u to court..or go to collection.


You don't believe the *** your saying do you? If they had to go to your job you must be really late and don't answer any calls.

If you can't afford whatever you got from them then just give it back!

It's not yours until you pay it off!! I hate hearin dead beats like you complaining when you don't pay YOUR BILL!


Pay your bills dummy


They have every right to come to your job. You signed an agreement to pay your bills ON TIME. When you don't pay them on time you're in breach of your contract and they have every right to do whatever they can to collect that money.

@So sad

No they have every right to do what is in the contract i.e repo. Going to your job could be considered harrasment.

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