Brooklyn, New York

I'm a consumer of Aaron's rental South market Wilmington Delaware. Recently I had to return my appliances due to financial hardship.

I only had one payment left before ownership was final.I was told the merchandise would be held until payment was week later payment was made in full just to recieve a washer/dryer that wasn't what I was paying for. Now I dont have a washer/dryer waiting for a replacement but they have the same make it's brand new just like the one I started renting.I was told if I wanted that one I have to start a new lease agreement. That's crazy what can I do about this.Not fair to me as a loyal consumer.

So in the mean time I have three mountains of clothes piling up. Signed I need my washer/dryer back

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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i would call a lawyer they cannot do that to you.



Can you please email us at with the primary name on the account, store name and zip code and the best number to reach you at.We would love to help get issues resolved.

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