Northbrook, Illinois

on May 28Th, I was behind a Aaron Rental Truck, they tried to go head first into a parking spot and crushed my curb, my street is a small half street and he went up on the curb and back down. I got out of my veh and confronted the driver Harry Rivera who said his company would take care of it, I called a Abby who really didn't want to hear about it, she called back to tell me they went to the area and could not tell what dmg her truck done or if the driver even rode up on the curb, why would the driver give me the information if he didn't ride up on the curb and do damage.

I have in his handwritten the information he said I needed to call this in. Well Aaron refuses to take care of this and wanted me to go Thu my own carrier which would require me to come up with my deductible which I dont have, I am responsible for the curb according to the city of Reading.

I just want the companies insurance co's name so they can come and look at it, I don't think it is fare since I didn't do anything wrong. thanks

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