Atlanta, Georgia
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This company was very rude and never delivered the correct items. We called about the missing items and still got the order wrong even after the third delivery. But when the billing cycle came around this company was the sharpest pencil in the box!

There are other options that I wish I had looked into such as the Salvation Army or even pawn shops.

The manager Ron White at the Grayson store, on Grayson HWY is arrogant and acts like his *** doesn't stink. Anyone that could work for such a company is an ***. Anyway, Please people slice your wrists before dealing with this company!

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Whoever this kat person is is going around commenting on several of these Aaron complaints - probably an employee of the company.

I had extremely poor service for the 2 years I dealt with them and was threatened by their employees on my own front yard. The company's employees act like gangsters when it comes time to collect money.


It sounds like an issue at your specific store. Maybe you should contact the corporate office about this instead of trashing the whole company.


SHUT UP!! :upset


I have been doing business with Aarons for the past three years and the ones here in Alabama are great. Just because you had a bad experience with one doesn't mean they are all the same way.


:( they never do what they say . they also never have manuals to equipment someone else rents and turns in.will not reduce prices on worn merchandise reasonible.think twice before you leap on these folks. :?

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