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Listen. First I will readily admit I am late on my lease payment. That being said I also was willing to set up a payment arrangement on my husband's next check.

The fool at the Bristol, CT store "Tom" I believe his name was, got very snotty and rude on the phone with me and said "So you are refusing to pay! We'll write it off!" We are four months away from owning this washer and dryer. Four Months. I laughed at him and told him to go ahead and write it off then. This store needs to seriously review the Fair Debt Collection Practices. In the past the Manager has threatened me with the police, when I was two weeks late..I used to manage a Lease to Own......who threatens a good paying customer who fell on hard times with police involvement? Dani in the Bristol CT location, that's who!

Avoid this company. If you need to rent, go to Rent a Center or Acceptance Now inside a local furniture retailer. Yes you are paying a bit more but they will actually report your on time payments to the Credit bureau, whereas Aaron's most certainly will not.

*Know your rights as a consumer. You CANNOT be threatened with the police, court, or having the merchandise taken away. They cannot bully you, call you at work after you've told them not to or block your vehicles or pound on your door. All of these are aggressive and dishonest tactics to collect debt, illegally I might add, as again, look up your Fair Debt Collection Practices. Now I will of course make the payment I said I would when I said I will do it, even if they want to "write me off".

Be better educated and be ready to defend yourself if you fall on hard times with ANY Lease to Own Company. Remember, you have rights, always ask to speak to a DM (District Manager)..and if that does not resolve your issue, report it to your local state control for consumer protection. These companies are NOT allowed to be aggressive, lie or threaten you during the collection process.

Bullied in Bristol

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Customer Care.

Reason of review: Aggressive Collection Tactics and Lying.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Aarons Pros: Quality of the products.

Aarons Cons: Staff of the location i rented from very very unprofessional.

  • Fair Credit Reporting Act
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I dont recognize Aarons anymore. I have been purchasing furniture with them FOR YEARS and have had a reasonably decent relationship but then new management took over the Selinsgrove, PA Aarons store and they have become little hitlers.

I was only 3 days late for a payment and they were already calling my son and my references wanting to know where I was and how to reach me, effectively smearing me. I called the regional manager to go over their heads and he just sided with the goons in Selinsgrove. So I will write a letter to their CEO (am sure that will do absolutely no good given their evil nature) and have reported them to the FTC and the PA Office of the Attorney General. I told them to come pick up their stuff.

I would rather sleep on the floor than be subjected to that kind of hard balling. I am insulted because of the thousands of dollars I have paid out to them since 2011 (way over paying in fact) and to get treated like this is unforgiveable.


Phoenix Arizona Aaron's came out to pick up my TV and the guy said that the manager of the store has the police coming. I don't understand why she had the police coming when there was no problem with me giving the TV back.

I came home and the Aaron's driver was there and said he was picking up the TV. I told him no problem, then he tells me the police are on their way, I asked why, he said his manager was having them come out.

I have been a collector and never once did myself or my supervisor have the police come when there was no issues. Aaron's needs to be put out of business.



This is very unfortunate. We would love to help get these issues resolved.

Can you please email us details at response@aarons.com with the primary name on the account, store name, zip code and best contact number. We look forward to hearing from you and helping resolve these issues!

Thank you,


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