Hatboro, Pennsylvania

A month ago I went to Aaron's in Hatboro, PA because my son wanted to lease a game system. I was looking at the living room sets and saw one I liked.

I decided on a whim to purchase the couches. After I put down the deposit and was waiting for the couches to be delivered, I started to have second thoughts. I went to the store manager, Ethan and told him I wanted to cancel my Order. I told him I wasn't comfortable with the monthly payment and did not want to over extend myself with another monthly bill.

Ethan in return said to me, well we can cancel the Order, but we already started reporting to the credit agencies. He said, we will make the first payment for you and then I will work the numbers again and come up with a payment you are comfortable with each month. Well, I never heard from him and called twice with no return call. When my son went to the store to make his payment, I said, to Ethan, I did not hear from you about my new payment amount.

He claimed he had to send it to corporate to get another discount for damage to the couches. You see, one of the couches had a defect that wasn't that bad, but when the couches were delivered they were damaged by the delivery men. I told Ethan ok well let me know. Well today my son went to the store again to make his payment and I went off on the manager Ethan because he still had not called me with a new payment amount and had no recollection of our conversation a month prior.

I was also told that they don't report to the credit agencies until after the contract is paid in full. What good is that? That does not build credit! Remember, in the beginning Ethan told me that they already were reporting to the credit agencies.

Liar, Liar, Liar! So while I'm screaming at him, he sits down and says, "I feel like I'm going to pass out", my doctor says I can't be stressed out. I shouldn't be in work. Really!

I have had enough of these scan artists and that's exactly what they are a bunch of *** liars who scam good people trying to build credit! He didn't like the fact that he thought he was playing me but all along I knew he was a liar! I told him I don't care who you play but you are not playing me! Their sales people are players who scam good people.

Stay away from Aaron's no matter what location you go to, they probably are all the same!

Waiting to hear from their District Regional Manager and in reality the couches are worth only $300 if that. I have already filed a formal complaint with the BBC.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Aarons Cons: Being scammed and lied to.

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I have had numerous problems with the same employees. Lies, Lies, Lies. Think I'm going to contact Kala at Aarons myself.



We greatly appreciate each and everyone of our customers. Can you please email us at response@aarons.com with the primary name on the account, store name and zip code and the best number to reach you at.

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