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Former employee here!

I was with the company for nearly 2 years. I had been promoted as the sales manager and actually liked my job. However I transfered to another store and basically lost my promotion and was put back into the accounts department. To make a long story short, I was let go because I was not aggressive enough towards customers who owed money. I do not believe that harassing customers is beneficial. Unlike the other employees, I cannot see how it is effective to beat down the doors or to break the doorbell. One of the employees I worked with prided himself when his knuckles would bleed from excessive pounding. The people there also enjoyed berating the customers behind their backs, and was not above going to the places of employment to try and get their money.

I don't think it wrong at all to call the late customers at home with a friendly reminder to come in, but my General manager thrived on confrontation . It did not matter who he spoke to whether it was children or an elderly person, He along with the others often made veiled threats so they could get their bottom line.

Their motto is "Do the math and you'll choose Aarons." Well I think their math is wrong. I would advise you the consumer to stay away...FAR AWAY.

I am relieved to be done with this company, however I feel I was terminated wrongfully. My numbers were always good, and I followed the guidelines set forth by the corporate office. BE WARNED, if you are wronged by Aaron's you will get the RUNAROUND. The stores (any of them) will never give you the right phone numbers to find any kind of resolution, and they will do their best to create a nightmare for you.

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lmao hard I really like the reps were I am I been with them since last week my 1st payment was 130.00 but I asked to keep the 30 cause of an emergency they said ok and this week I owe them the out standing but my payments are every month I love my cost of the freezer and the laptop. also I found out I was been ripped off from a easy home thanks to the reps honisty @ Aarons


Well, you can write a letter with foul language I am sure that if they can get a customer to say something mean to you you can harass them. Perhaps they fired you for the language you used towards other employees. If you can write two letters like this and act childish perhaps you were acting childish with the other employees.

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