Fargo, North Dakota

Aaron's Sales and Lease, leased me a *** mattress, I complained about it for 6 months, finally received a "new" mattress. My new mattress brought in bed bugs to my home.

Here is the deal. Your company has one truck that both repo's and delivers furniture that is not ever wrapped in plastic. Your management is horrible, will argue to the death with a customer, instead of just listening. I don't want anything from Aaron's, I just want you all to know that you gave me bed bugs.

The Fargo North Dakota store gave me bed bugs. Your truck I am sure has it.

You are more than likely giving it to other customers. You should be very ashamed of yourselves.

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arrons sales and lease sold me a used boxspring as new and i got bed bugs from their product horrible process and they threatened me with lawyer lookink foward to court i have proof about both sentences


my neighbor just got furniture from aarrons both of them have bed bugs now no one else in our building have them but the two who bought from aarons

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