Chantilly, Virginia

I had recently moved and had my sister-in law call Aaron's for me on a Saturday so that they could pick up a couch and love seat that I leased from them. They had told her that they wouldn't be around to pick it up the same day that she had called because the side of town that it was at wasn't in their route, and they would be around to pick it up on that Wednesday.

Well I lived in an apartment at the time and she told them that we were moving and wasn't going to be there while they go and pick it up, and they had told her that they would take it up with the apartment complex to ask for the keys to the unit to pick up the couches. Well about a month later they call me asking for a payment and I had told them that they were supposed to pick up the couches, but apparently they never did. I talked to the manager of Aaron's and he told me that he didn't know anything about that. I called the apartment and they told me that Aaron's never went by and asked for they keys to the unit and when the apartment manager went into the unit to inspect it, she said all that was left in the apartment were some cable cords.

So I had asked my sister-in law to call Aaron's back and tell them that she was the one who called and asked for them to pick up the couches.

The manager tells her that they went by the apartment complex and asked the maintenance guy to open up the unit that the furniture was in and told Aaron's that they didn't have a key to the unit. So now I am responsible for paying for some couches that I don't have.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Manager.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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