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I rented an HP Tablet Friday. This is Monday and I'm livid. The computer crashed 4 times on Sat. 4 times on Sunday. I finally just put the *** thing on the counter and waited for today. I called HP to see if there was a download I needed that was causing the problem. They informed me that the computer was activated on Jan 18th, 2010. This means the computer has been used in one form or another for over a year.

I got the info from HP and am taking it to my local store. When I called them, the District Manager said at first she would give me a refund and let me out of the contract. When I said I wanted her to make a note on my contract that stated it was null and void and and add her name, employee number and store number, she backtracked to needing to talk to her General Manager.

This is legally a fraud case and I have hard proof they are telling customers the products are new when they clearly are not.

If I don't get my money back, I'm going after them for fraud. Any electronic products can be checked through the manufacturer. I advise all customers to do this so they know just what they are getting.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Manager.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

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@me I did contact the store. The computer was activated in 2010, not just purchased.

It had been used.

I have not had any issues since, but this was enough for me.


Well I just recenty purchased a computer from them brand new in may and at the end of july my hard drive goes out and its only been 2 months now if it was a brand new then why the *** is it already going out plus the dell guy came to fix it and brought the wrong parts so now instead of me waiting a day I been waiting for a week they said well we have a loner we can let u use right now ready to go we go up there and wait for like a half of hour only for them to say oh its not here yet its at our other store ! Wtf why would u tell me its there and I come all the way there for nothing and they were suppose to call and here I had to call them I was suppose to get my computer back today and now I doubt it I am just not happy I think they should do more !

Its the customer is right and they should do something to make us happy this is bs and I am not ****ing happy at all and after this contract is up I will never go through them and I will not recommend people I know to go through them either !

So since my hard drive wit out I loose baby pics and home made videos. Stuff that u can never get back and they don't give a *** its not their pics and videos of their loved ones or people u can never see again to even take their pic or tape their video and I ant gonna get *** for it its my *** fault for going through them I should of went to rac so after my contract is up they will diff loose my buiness and they didn't need to chase me down for my payment I was always on time never late but oh well that wat happens when u don't take care of ur customers like u promised !


Just because HP tells you it came out at a certain date does not mean it was not new from Aarons. Maybe they purchased several computers and had them stored in their warehouse.

Why don't you stop screaming bloody murder and contact the store.

And, by the way, A District Manager does not answer to a General Manager. They are higher up and can make their own decisions.


It was a tablet from 2010. HP gave me the information directly.

HP Touchsmart Tv2. This is an older model according to HP. Also, I don't want a computer from Aarons after the reaserch I did let me know they spy on thier customers. This issue was raised in two seperate instances.

Casper Wy and PA.

I don't need assistance as the manager refuned my money and voided my contract.

I also got a signed copy of my contract stating it's voided in case Aarons tries to sue me because they magiclly forget the contract is voided. I've had it happen with another company.


Aaron's just started carrying these HP tablets and HP just released theses tablets a few weeks ago. I don't believe your HP tablet is pre-leased.

I will be more than happy to research your issue.

I apologize that you are having trouble with your local Aaron's store.

Please contact me at 678-402-3403 or to further resolve your issue. Thank you, Jessica

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