Lufkin, Texas
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For the past 6 months Aaron's Rental truck has made 2-3 weekly visits to the adjacent rental property and we are the ones whom have had to deal with their honking, sirens, clanking of their ramp, and banging of the sides of their metal truck, the up and down of the back door -b/c the renters are rarely home when this occurs. Even after we called and complained to the company 1.5 weeks ago after such a protracted scenario on Oct.

20th, the truck returned for a 3-hour duration on Oct.

23rd (with a DELIVERY), 2009 and are back again today, Oct. 31 - banging away for the past two hours.

Ironically, this house has a nice chair sticking out of their recycling bin.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Property Rental.

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I have rented from an Aarons store in Charlotte, N.C. They harrass constantly whether it be at home or calling the phone 10 times a day.

My mother also rents from an Aarons (not the same one), and I am down as one of her references. If she is a day late they will call my phone almost 20 times a day. I have cursed them out, and nothing seems to work. Don't call me more than once for someone else's bill.

They are a terrible company nationwide. I wouldn't dare recommend them to anyone...not even my worst enemy.


They finally fired the VP in Carrolton, Tx

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