Three weeks ago, I moved to a different city. I called the Aaron's store in Plant City on Redman Parkway where I was renting a couch and washer and dryer to tell them I wanted to return the items, as I no longer needed them.

They said I had to physically go in to the store to make the appointment. I kindly informed them that it was very inconvenient for me and that I was going to be at the house doing the final clean out on the next day and to please send someone. They told me they had to call me that morning to schedule something. I never received a call.

Two days later, I called again. Again, I was put off. This time it was "let me call them and see where they are and if I can sent them out today." OK, I continued my work at the old house (clean out took way longer than expected). Never got a call.

The next week, I had the co-signer go in to the store, as he was going to be in the area, as they required to set up an apointment. He was put off. They told him they would call me the next day or two days later to set up an appointment. Two days passed, no call.

I called one more time and was given the brush off. At this point, I looked up the corporate number and vowed to call them on Monday. The following Friday afternoon, the store calls looking for my if they have never heard that I'm trying to return the things. I tell him forcefully that I will most certainly not be sending them any money and that they will make an appointment with me on the phone today to pick up the items that I have been trying to return for three weeks or I was calling their corporate office to get the matter resolved.

I was transferred to another man who immediately began making excuses as to why they couldn't come out (what of picking up the phone?) like it was thunder-storming in the afternoon. Excuse me, but the days I went to the old house for clean out were beautiful days...otherwise I would not have been able to move items to the car and clean out the house. I told him I wasn't interested in excuses and that he needed to just set the appointment. He made the appointment for 9am the next morning knowing that I was going to be working from 3pm to 7am that night and would get no sleep before pickup.

I arrived at the house and waited a half hour before calling the store looking for the truck. No one answered. Apparently, they open at 10. I called corporate and explained the situation.

He said he would transfer me to the regional office. They were closed. I called corporate again. I explained again.

i was put on hold. When I was on hold, the local store called to say they were on the way. Another 20 minutes passed. The men came.

They loaded the stuff. I told them thank you for making it out three weeks later. I got a muttered "sorry" from one of the guys. After that, they didn't say two words to me.

When they were done taking the items out of the house and stacking them outside the truck, I asked if they needed me to sign anything. I did I could not have returned the items and lied in court and gotten away with keeping them, since they do not provide the customer with any proof that the items were returned.

In short, Aaron's, I will never do business with you again. Period.

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Same issue. It’s rent to own items!

You do NOT have to keep the items! I’ve been begging my office to pick up for 3 weeks as well! Their trying to force me to pay for the items even though I don’t want them! They’re trying to put off so you have to pay more!

I refused! They still haven’t picked up my items! Does anyone have their corporate number ?I’m on the *** of setting these items in my yard!They refuse to pick up yet harass me several times a day with phone calls wanting money. Then they’ve left notes on my front door when I wasn’t home!

I’ve had some health issues pop up and I’m unable to work at this time and I don’t need the items anymore. But the stress with their harassment is causing more health issues!

I have ulcerative colitis and stress makes it worse. Someone please help.


I got a sectional and washer and dryer from them. The sectional broke after a couple months and they wouldn't do anything about it.

I thought that's why you have to pay for the service plan with everything you get from them. So I told them I'm not going to pay for any of the stuff unless they either fix it or replace it.

It's been over a year and a half since I made any payments and I haven't heard anything from them. Guess I got a washer and dryer for super cheap.

to Anonymous #1591018

You are lucky. I'm only a month behind on my sectional and I've been getting harassed everyday. Now they say we have to pay them by tomorrow or they will come and get it.




Aaron's is a rip off ____.


I no this lady that rents from them she lives on low income so she gets payed every first of the month then on the third and did not tell her they set her payments as weekly It was suppose to be monthly and now they are trying to take her stuff and she has cockroach's and they don't no yet she said people told her they will not take it back


Aarons is a joke and from the looks of the other comments..a major rip off!!!!

Sulphur, Louisiana, United States #1354847

Got a bedset from them and ask if they can come and pick it up because I can't make the payments on it they said Monday they would be out here and here it it a week later and all I've been getting is calls to come in and renegotiate my contract. The refused to order a new box spring for the bed since the one I got apparently was damaged when I got it bc no way a box spring breaks after two months of use.

So now the mattress is torn on the bottom and hasn't been used since just stays sitting up in my brothers room and I had to go buy another bed for my self.

I'm never doing business with these people again. Period.

to Anonymous0 #1364570

Just wondering, did they end up taking back the furniture or were you resonsible for making the payments still?

Cranford, New Jersey, United States #1221596

Don't feel bad we for a washer and a a.c. unit the a.c. unit stop working and the washer is now not working both were marked brand new and we were charged new prices only to find out there both old and used and had stop working on the previous owners but yet we still have to pay them off even though they no longer work

to Anonymous #1469421

No you don’t! Tell them you’ll put items outside if they don’t pick up and tell them you refuse to pay.

It’s rent to own and they expect some wear and tare. They do that so they don’t lose out on money because everyone wants new items


Wow i am currently having to deal with this, What a pain in the asssss

Arab, Alabama, United States #1216688

im having some problems with them as well. i was renting a bed from them.

and money got tight and i had found another bed and didnt need it anymore. well i called and asked aarons to come get the bed. and i got the run around and they said they would call to make an appointment as well. okay well they didnt call so i called them and asked them again to come get it and they said they would send someone the next day and said they would be there between 12-2 noone ever showed.

so i called and they said they couldnt find my house and my house wasnt hard to find. but i said okay well how about i meet you and you follow me house i dont have a truck to haul it or i would and they werent having that. they didnt want to meet. they said they would have their manager call me two days later.

well the day came and i never got a call so i called them and asked to speak to a manager.

well the manager wasnt available at the moment and said they would have them call me well i never got a call. and they kept sending me stuff in the mail saying they were turning it over to a credit agency well a year and a half go by after i had asked them to come get it and they never did but now they are trying to sue me because of something they didnt want to come get.

to Anonymous #1366721

Same problem. Had them come and get the furniture and they actually came out to the house looked at the furniture and said they werent picking it up because it wasn't able to be resold and then after a few mo the got letter in mail.sayijng they pit me in collections for remainder of balance when I tried to return it

Hudson Falls, New York, United States #1213568

I'm having the same problem too.

I called them to return a sofa set and they are demanding payment before they pick them up what the heck???

I don't want them just pick them up period!!!

to Anonymous #1219293

They are trying that with me too. called them 3 weeks before payment was due and still getting letters and calls

to Anonymous #1469424

I’m dealing with same thing for the same thing. Living room set.

You don’t have to pay, they threaten you so you will pay because they have a very hard time reselling used items like these. Everyone wants “new” items. Which I totally get. But it’s a rent to own company.

Your renting and don’t have to keep not continue to pay. I would call the police and make a report that they are refusing to collect the items and you no longer wish to be responsible for.


Anytime a rental place comes to remove an item from my home I make them write me a receipt with date, their name and store plus the workers ID so they can't say I didn't return it.

Plant City, Florida, United States #695382

I as well am having issues with this location (plant city). They are refusing to come pick up merchandise (that I cannot fit into my car to take back myself) until a past due balance is paid.

First off. The balance wouldn't be there if they would of picked up the merchandise when I asked the first time. And secondly it doesn't make sense that you won't pick it up bc I owe? If I paid the "balance" wouldn't I just keep the merchandise then?

The manager never calls back until 9 or 930 AT NIGHT! Or worse knocks on my door at 9pm!!! Looking for past due balance!

We go round and round about balance being voided if u would of picked up on time, won't pick up until taken care of etc. JUST TAKE IT BACK!


My experience with Aarons was terrible. We waited for almost two hours and still did not get our merchandise.

They promised one thing and when we got there it was a totally different thing. And to top it off when I tried to call to find out what had happened they hung up on me. And never did let me speak with the parties that were involved. When I asked for the corporate office number they gave me some other number.

I will never deal with them again.

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