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I leased a play-station 3 for my son on DEC 2nd 2011 for Christmas..on Jan.

3 i made an online payment and wasn't aware i owed a $5 late fee.. well Jan 15th Darcy the store manager called me and told me i hadn't made a payment at all. i advised him i had made an online payment Jan 3. he looked up the payment and said oh, i see well you owe a $10 late fee.

i told him i had no money right now we live off a limited income.. he said you mean to tell me you don't have $10? i said no i don't.. that i would try to come up with it..

well for the rest of Jan. i was harassed and called daily. mean voice mails left, actually telling me if i couldn't afford the merchandise to return it.. and sent me letters saying i owed for the whole month.

i got my papers out and read it was actually a $5 late fee not a $10 late fee. and called them. AND told them i had read my papers and it was a $5 late fee, and i didn't know i owed it. Darcy was very ugly with me and told me i knew i was late and was very ugly.

. well then told me i had to come in and make the $5 late fee. by this time it was the 28th of Jan. my payment was due on the 1st i told them i would come in and make my payment on the 1st and would pay the late fee.

he was very ugly and said i needed to come in and pay the late fee. i said i live 50 miles away and i cant drive that far to pay $5 it would cost me more in gas.. well a few hours later.. they was calling me again..

i tried and tried to work it out with them and they just kept being ugly.. so i decided to return the merchandise and buy one with my taxes from Walmart.. i had planned on paying the ps3 from arrons out when i got my taxes, but i was harassed all month for a $5 late fee. i called them and told them i wanted to return the merchandise and gave them directions..

instead of coming to get the ps3 they are still calling me and harassing me.

i refuse to call them back..they need some classes on customer service..

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Bucyrus, Ohio, United States #701651

Wow I can't believe what I'm hearing. I have been using them for 3 years now and never a problem. Everyone has always been so nice even when hard times have hit a few times they have done whatever they could to help.

Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States #624986

I am in need of a washer as mine has gone down but after reading all these comlpaints there is no way in *** that I would do business with you or RAC.All I have read is rude managers or employees that harrass you .

Nope not me.

Dont need a washer that bad.You can keep them

Stone Mountain, Georgia, United States #609892

Aaron's seems to encourage disrespect and mistreatment of its customers.I rented from them regularly - primarily because its easier to pay $100 a month than it is to pay $1500 for a bedroom set all at once.

But even making payments on time does not change how they treat you. If you have the nerve to complain, the local manager will make derogatory and offensive comments to you and in my area the regional manager is just as bad. When you call them they don't responde but when they need to reach you they call constantaly and even send people to your door. Trying to give them their merchandise back now leads to more harassment and refusal to pick up their items.

Aaron's used to be a decent, fair business that treated their customers with respect. I don't know what happened but the way they have changed is not good.

Unfortunately they will continue to get business regularly but they will never get another dollar from me.There are other rent to own businesses out their and should I have a need for something again I will either do without or go to another business.




Well folks, of you can't afford your rental payment then why not give it back and owe nothing?Also, why do people try to own things through renting them?

Would you try to own a car by renting it from Enterprise?Save your money in a tin can over the same period of time and you could probably OWN 4 PS 3s.

to GoodSense Woodinville, Washington, United States #695270

You are ridiculous.The example you used with enterprise didn't make any sense.

this ifs a legitimate way for people who need something now to buy things. maybe if you are in such a good position to knock on people who can't wait to save you should pay for everyone's things yourself, not right a dumb comment about renting a car to own or put your phone number on here so these people can forward they're calls from aarons to you.

leasing a car at the dealership is basically rent to own because you can buy your lease out at the end so don't make comments about enterprise.please excuse my punctuation and grammer as I was so mad at your comment I had to respond on my phone


The simple thing in this situation is there should be no managers or salesman that represent a company this way.I've read numerous reviews over Aarons and RAC and sooo many times the customers report being verbally abused in store and over the phone.

This is something that absolutely would not fly with me or anyone I know. Because at that point a shirt, tie, and the individuals location would not stop anyone I know from destroying them both mentally and physically. That is not the way that anyone should represent a business and is not professional at all.

At that point there should be some accountability from higher up.That's the time to fire said individuals so they can't pollute your company's name and stature.


They finally came and got the ps3 at 8pm one night. I am just glad to be done with them and i will NEVER do business with them again..

Winter Garden, Florida, United States #433836

I have been a long time customer and have purchased numerous items from your Albuquerque store over the last few years.Within the last 6 to 9 months i have recieved numerous phone calls from your store indicating that my card on file was declined.

I have always paid on time and in fact the only time i have been alledgedly late is when your store calls me and tells me that the card was declined which in fact always manages to go through after a few rounds on the phone with your staff. I went into the store to personally resolve this issue once and for all and was basically told that no more late fee's would be removed which i never asked for and was insulted by the manager when he assumed that i magically was able to deposit funds into the bank account to cover the charges which were there to begin with, when the payment went through again when i was standing there.

I have purchased two couches, a laptop, a massage chair and two televisions from your store only to be harassed and insulted within the last 6 to 9 months by phone calls indicating that my card was declined, not to mention by the manager today which insulted me by not believing the issue that i have been dealing with.:( I have always been calm and collective until today when your manager basically looked at me and said sarcastically that it isnt his problem and that the next time the card on file gets ran that there better be funds...

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Hi Terri, my name is Scott, I am the Manager for Aarons in Warrensburg, Mo. First, I want to apologize for your experience with Aarons and would invite you to call me regarding this issue. I can guarantee you all Manager are not like this. I don't know what store you dealt with, but I would like a chance to resolve this. Please call me at your convenience.

Scott Hibbs

Aarons Sales and Lease

121 Cooper ave

Warrensburg, MO


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