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i purchased a laptop from Aaron's and wanted to return it before the first thirty days were up because the computer ran slow. They told me it was a new computer but come to find out it was used.

I just wanted to return the laptop and be done with it. Aaron's told me that the only way I could do that is to purchase something else and start a new contract. So I did that on furniture that I don't even need. The washer and dryer is still sitting in my garage where they delivered it and has not been moved.

It has never been hooked up. The paper and cardboard stuff is still in the washer. I have been trying to get Aaron's to come and get it and they told me they could not. I make payments on something I don't even use and it is money that I could use toward more important bills seeings how I lost my job shortly after.

I was late on this last payment and they called and I explained I would be in on friday to make the payment. Before i could get out of the bed on friday at 8 a.m. they started calling. I ingored the phone calls.

They called every hour on the hour and I decided to not make the payment that day. If I promise to make a payment on a certain day than at least give me time to get in there to do so. Aaron's does not follow company policies when it comes to anything. Because when i tried to return the laptop, they had a sign in the window that stated you had thirty days to return product if not completely satisfied.

You can return it but then they make you buy something else you don't need. Aaron's does nothing but rip people off. They have a sign in the window right now that states they beat everyone's prices...

well Home Depot has the exact same washer and dryer for $1200 and Aaron's price is $1799. They didn't beat that price.

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Lawsuit Filed Against Aaron’s, Inc. Regarding Alleged Improper Practices

Lawsuit claims that Aaron’s, Inc. repeatedly breaches rent-to-own contracts, violates state usury laws, and engages in unfair business practices.

Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) November 11, 2011

Atlanta law firm Webb, Klase & Lemond, LLC has filed a class action lawsuit against Aaron’s, Inc., one of America’s leading rent-to-own companies with over 1,900 total stores. Aaron’s leases furniture, appliances, and electronics to consumers usually with the promise that, after a certain number of payments have been successfully completed, the consumer will own the items.

The new lawsuit alleges that Aaron’s has breached its lease agreements by refusing to provide pay-off information to consumers and through other improper practices. The suit further asserts that the company has used unfair business practices, false advertising, and misrepresentations to induce customers to enter lease agreements that are not as favorable for the consumer as represented. The claims also include unjust enrichment. The case, styled Clark v. Aaron’s, Inc., is pending in the Superior Court of Fulton County Georgia and has been assigned Case Number 2011-CV-207622.

According to the suit, Aaron’s rent-to-own business model is in reality the extension of credit through consumer loans disguised as leases for the purchase of goods. The suit alleges that the difference between the market value of the goods and the total amount of payments made by a consumer constitutes interest. State usury laws, such as the civil and criminal usury statutes in Georgia, impose a cap on the amount of interest that may be charged by a lender. The suit alleges that Aaron’s repeatedly violates these laws.

Further, the suit alleges that Aaron’s deceptively markets its well-known offer of “120-days same as cash.” According to the complaint, this offer purports to allow consumers to buy their furniture, appliances, or electronics from Aaron’s for their market value so long as the consumer pays in full within four months. The deception, as alleged in the suit, is that Aaron’s regularly and proactively attempts to prevent consumers from taking advantage of the 120-day offer by failing to provide them with their outstanding balance or pay-off amount in a timely and appropriate manner.

If you wish to discuss this action or have any questions concerning this press release, please contact John Lyon, Esq. by e-mail or by calling (770) 444-9325.


you could also call thes guys


Aaron's is not a retailer like Home Depot. They are rent to own.

Of course they are a little higher priced. You also have 120 days to pay it off too. Home Depot doesnt give you that option.

Stop complaining, you used their merchandise and wanted a refund after you used it for a whole month? Get real!


I apologize your experience with Aaron's isn't currently excellent. If you would like to further resolve your complaint, please contact me at 678-402-3403 or by email at Jessica.Rudnick@aarons.com

Thank you,


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