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Well my fiance and I went to one of our local Aaron's in Wichita, KS deciding that we would like a nice new big TV and possibly a bedroom set.

We walked in to the store and I had my eyes set on a bedroom set and my fiance had his set on big TV. We told them what we wanted, filled out all of the paperwork for the bedroom set and put down $158. The bedroom set adverstised for $99.00 a month but by the time all of there BS stuff was added on the set was going to cost me $175 a month. They told us that they didn't have the TV in stock (this was on a Saturday) but one would be on the truck Thursday and they would give us a call.

Our bedroom set was delivered, have to say that I was not impressed at all with them. They knocked a chunk out of the nightstand and large dresser that they delivered. This is a black set so big chunk knocked out means lots of light wood showing through. The headboard on the set that we selected has a bar light built in. We turned it on and one end of the frosted glass/plastic piece that goes over the bulb shows green blotches (TACKY!!)

Ok now how they pissed us off. I called Aaron's on Thursday to ask if the TV was on the truck since they didn't contact me, I was told truck wasn't there yet. I called on Friday, I got told we haven't gotten everything checked in yet. I called on Monday and the manager informed us that we wasn't approved for payments of over $300 combined. Here my fiance has been waiting and waiting for this TV to find out that we wasn't approved and they couldn't have told us this when we were there or at any of the times that I had called?? So I was very upset and I called the manager to find out what was going on. He told me there was some confusion he would get the TV to us and that he would take a whole whopping $50 off of our first payment, which I am sure they would have tacked back on to the last payment. I told him whatever we would just like the TV. A week goes by still no call back on the TV being deliered. I call them again they have no idea what I am talking about but come on in and fill out the paperwork and we will try and get the TV delivered. We said forget it and went and paid cash for a better TV at Best Buy.

Now back to the bedroom set. If I am paying this much for a bedroom set well I want the damaged pieces replaced. Every time that I have called them for this they have no clue what I am talking about. The first time I called in the manager told me that they had a dresser and a headboard in stock and they would come and replace them. Well needless to say my first payment is due on the bedroom set in a few days and still nothing is fixed and when I called them the other day he had no idea what I was talking about and he would call me back...surprise, surprise still no call back and I still have messed up furniture. We have filed complaints with the company but I am not really expecting a call back. We are just going to wait for them to start calling wanting their stuff back, because you know that will be the one time they will actually call someone back. I will never shop there again and I will tell anyone that asks to go some place else, cheap furiture at high prices and hidden costs and TONS of headaches when you buy from this company!

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