Add me to the ever long list of dissatisfied customers. I had recently relocated to South Georgia and needed a washing machine in a crunch. I visited Aaron's and signed a lease to receive a washing machine. Jessica or Jamie (the Cordele General Manager) seemed very polite at first. However, the *** sales person did not enter my address correctly. When I went to the back to sign the agreement, I informed them that the address was incorrect. I should have ran like Forrest Gump then!

My washing machine was not delivered as promised on the day that it was suppose to be delivered. I called and spoke to the General Manager to complain so the following Saturday around 12 noon, my appliance was delivered. However, it was delivered without a hose for the hot water. The delivery guy said they would bring me a hot water hose. Well almost a month goes by and I call the store to find out where is my hot water hose. The person who answered the phone got snappy with me and said they would bring one.

So on November 15, I get an angry phone call from the Cordele store saying that my bill is due. I had just got off work and had to go to the urgent care center. When I asked where is the remainder of my so-called $75 spin the wheel credit and inquired about my hot water hose, the call went down hill quickly.

The general manager lied and claimed that their delivery drivers had placed notices on my door regarding the hose and tried to call me about the hose but I 'wouldn't answer my phone". That is a *** lie! I always answer my phone or if a message is left, I always call back, always! I work in Real Estate dummies! If I don't answer my phone, that's a potentially lost customer. It is Now, 11:11am on Saturday and still no hose. When they called regarding my payment, I stopped in the middle of the pharmacy to do a payment by phone. I told them that they must have left the notices at the other address, not mine. I am very familiar with their notices because I manage properties and I have seen the notices that they leave. None was left at my door!

Stay away from Aarons! If you are in a pinch, go to the laundry mat. Now that I am settled, I will have them pick up the washing machine (since I've paid for this month) on December 15 and will be purchasing one out right with cash. I also noticed this 'Jessica' who is asking people to contact her with any issues. I've already read that they take up for their rude and lying general managers and regional managers. I am however, going to email and call the anyway. I will also file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, the Federal Trade Commission and the Georgia State Attorney General. I am also going to file a complaint against Aaron's Cordele in small claims court. I would like to be a part of a class action lawsuit against their deceptive marketing practices, aggressive collection practices and failure to deliver on their product.

I explained to them that they are not dealing with a dumb person. I am going to take this very high up including to the news media.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Washing Machine Rental.

Monetary Loss: $47.

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All that time, and no hot water for washing clothes? I'd be mad too, but only after I drove to the hardware store and bought a hose...

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #744377
Aarons Verified Representative

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for your review. I am sorry to hear about your current situation with your washer and hose and I apologize for the way your local Aaron's has handled the situation. I'd be happy to further assist you and see what we can do to resolve this matter.

At your earliest convenience will you please send me an email to Response@aarons.com or call me direct at 678-402-3403 with details including your name and the best contact number / email to reach you at.

I look forward to hearing from you.



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