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my daughter had to move out of her apartment she moved in our home with my wife and I, until she could find another apartment .she rented some furniture from Aaron's maybe she was behind on her payments I don't know but they discovered that the furniture was not in my house so they enter my home without any warning or notice nor permission.They came in my home at at about 5: O'clock in the that time everyday I have to do Dialysis 9 hours everyday and they disturbed my treatment I was shocked and a afraid

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Read before you post, you Aarons Troll, you deserve to die!


You're an *** urmom! It was his daughters furniture not his.

Learn how to read! And roaddawg93 you are too!


they do not have the right to just come into your house. hope you called the cops and pressed charges.and just because she was behind in payments they broke the law when they entered that house uninvited. breaking and entering


You should pay for the furniture you want, or buy something cheaper. There is no in between.

Did you think Aarons was just going to let you keep the stuff for free?

You didn't make your payments, do the right thing and return the items at your own cost. It sucks, but you signed the agreement.

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