Anaheim, California

I was recently notified by email from my employer my wages will be garnished 25% for a total payment of 2331.51 for Aaron's Rent. In 2003 Aaron's Rent repossed my living room set due to back payment.

I figured since they had their property that was the end of that. I spoke with the Law office representing this Garnishment and was explained since I never showed up in court in 2003 and therefore a garnishment was placed against me for $700. They claim they have been trying to locate me to garnish my wages. They claim this is P &I along with Attorney Fees.

I have never heard of anyone being sued by a rent to own company. I definitely never heard of someting in 2003 being carried out this long. I always heard Aaron was a rip off and now I know. I have no idea how they got my current information especially since I was working in 2003.

There is something awful wrong with this picture. I have a Lawyer looking into this and I hope I can disregard this matter.

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*** Aarons they charge alotta money for outta date {{Redacted}}..... I rented a 4k tv for 80 a month and moved rented a tv from aarons it was a outta date smart tv and they wanted 100 every 2 weeks.... *** them rip off artist


usually they'll find out where your mail is being forwarded to. you be surprised how easily information about you can be obtained Facebook helps alot btw. the contracts for the lease have a minim you have to pay even if you do return the merchandise and they will try to get the money


Cry me a river. You defaulted on the contract YOU agreed to, and now you're just pissed off that they found you and want the money they're entitled to!!


No, this will be very difficult to undo. Since you disregarded the court case years ago, they have you and you will PAY PAY PAY.

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