Dawsonville, Georgia

Aaron Rents' employees, USSR and Stalin

Aarons puts pressure on their employees. Some of them must work 55 hours a week. If Aaron's think that an employee did something wrong, they simply fire an employee out and hire another one to continue business as usual.

Aaron Rents reminds me Mr. Stalin (remember USSR?): if there is a person, there is a problem, but if there is no person, there is no problem. Stalin killed, Aarons fire people. Consequently, employees work out of fear, not care for customers.

There are numerous lawsuits filed against Aaron's by former employees and business partners (see http://dockets.justia.com/). Aaron's cares about one thing only - money.

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I was a PT for Aarons here in Pennsylvania and i was recently fired for policy violation. Although i was never written up or warned about anything...i was let go for certain facebook posts which i know is wrong but some werent from me my facebook was hacked....i would like to say that i was unfairly fired and am thinking about a lawsuit of my rights.


@ overworked - I am sorry to hear that you have concerns with your work environment with your Aaron's store. Would you mind telling me which location you currently or previously worked at so that I can forward your message to the correct person? Thanks - Jessica


If ya like long hrs no breaks an working in an unsafe work place. An being threatend with termination. Aarons is definitly the place


I worked as the CAM in the Saratoga Springs Aaron's store. I left because of constant beratement and verbal abuse.

Being called a fu$#ing retard and *** *** on almost a daily basis gets to be a bit much. Funny thing is, is that I never failed to receive my whole monthly CAM bonus. When I finally left, I attempted to file unemployment under workplace harassment (Craig Ritchie mainly)and I was told that calling people names is not illegal (retard= politically incorrect)and that I should have exercised the company provided means of reporting (letters to charlie that i was told if I sent another one that i was going to be fired, and then the letters were removed from our store) and the employee complaint line (the 800# that gets forwarded to regional office, same people that you are mainly complaining about).

IDK. I am surprised that this type of treatment is allowed to continue.


I wish to be contacted by you for further information on contacting someone to file a lawsuit in reference to Aarons, I was not able to view any thing under their name at the docket to see what attorney that would be willing to view this case. my email address is zigtozag@att.net


see www.eeoc.gov and www.flsa.gov for discrimination, retaliation, improper compensation and alike. it is FREE to ask government for info and clarifications on your rights.

you might have a lot more rights than you think and be pleasantly surprised.

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