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Aaron Rents EMPLOYEES and Applicants

Please pass this message to anyone you know that works in an Aaron Rents store - or office. This is urgent and needs immediate action taken!!

Have you or someone you know felt as if you were discriminated against, denied promotion, terminated, or retaliated against for reporting your incident to the Legal department or EEOC? This action requires immediate attention!! There could be employees of black and Latino races that really need to report, any instances they have experienced with this company. YOU ARE COVERED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TO SPEAK OUT, under the Civil Rights Title VII Act of 1964.

Please write or type anything you have seen that would be helpful- or if you have supporting documentation that could be used -

mail to:

EEOC Office of Atlanta

Attention to: Middlebrooks

100 Alabama Street, SW Suite 4R30

Atlanta, GA 30303

This was not posted by Lee Middlebrooks- but she is the contact person at the EEOC. Leave a post so we can see how many people feel that they have been impacted.

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See June 10, 2011 St. Louis Post-Dispatch for $95 million harassment verdict against an Aaron's store in Fairview Heights, IL

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