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I was scheduled to make a payment. Unfortunately I had became unemployed.

I call the store manager and made a payment arrangement. I went in to discuss my option with the manager. Upon entering the store the manager was with another customer and proceed to talk to me from the table that he was with the other customer. I have never knew in any retail company that it was ok to address a customer that is renting from your business with an attitude and to be very RUDE.

Also this particular manager said that now "i was going to act ***" . If it wasn't for customers there would be no need for them nor would they have a job. I have never been so mad at a company and would NEVER recommend anyone to this particular store EVER! This was the most RUDE and UNPROFESSIONAL MANAGER that I have dealt with in my life!

They really need to evaluate whom they make managers and if customer service is really their line of work. HIINT its CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Manager.

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I started a rental agreement grant the items i choose werent new. Upon receiving the furniture i notice a stinch.

Thought spraying the furniture would help. It didnt delievered on a saturday call McDonough location on a monday they have a new store manager he said he will make tjings right n get it cleaned. It took them a month to fonally clean it mind you i had received a call asking when i was gonna pay i said after my furniture was cleaned never knowing it would take a whole month. Now that it is cleaned the store manager wants to call everyday to collect i adked him whats due he said full amount i told him i didnt think that was fair hadnt been able to use it.

Mind you when i called the monday after delivered store manager told me furniture hadnt been cleaned because the rug doctor had bern work and away to get repaired. Just today i gave him a date to come get it he tells me they got someone out to clean and someone was hpme i can make sure someone is there when they want to pick up. This fool he got it done when it was convinent for him i will do the same.

Mind you i already got my own furniture thats already paid for. I really wanted to keep their set but poor customer service and flat out not doing what they said they would for a whole is not worth the headache.


As anonymous


I have been renting from Aaron's for 20 months I am almost done with paying for the item. On yesterday the manager and one of her associate had the nerve to come to my home with out notice or ever a phone.

Ringing my door bell like the were the police. I just had surgery on last Monday and can't go up my stairs so I was downstairs I look out my window because it didnt know who could be at my door ringing thr door bell like thy were crazy. I have never been late with a payment I make all payment online.

I am going to complaint with the state attorney general's Office of Consumer Protection and will be sending a copy of my complaint to the Federal Trade Commission'. I am pissed off :( :( :( :( And mad as ***


I like your comment. It is 100% the truth.

I haven't had a problem with all the people at my aarons store I would say a couple of them are nice, but its very few. I personally feel sorry for the people working there after dealing with their corporate. I talked to the people in there regional office. One guy treated me like a dollar bill and ignored my complaint.

The other one hung up on me and wouldn't forward my messages when he has said time and time again that his job was to make sure the complaints got to the right people. Why didn't he forward my husbands or my complaints? Because they read the complaint I filed here on this website and got upset because I called him a *** (which I didn't I said coward much different than ***). But I had every right to do so.

Not forwarding my complaints and hanging up on me. Not having a civil conversation with me or my husband because of what I wrote on here thats absurd. Lets not forget the person who works in the CEO office who called me by the wrong name, was rude, told me I cussed at someone when I didn't. THEN backed the person up for hanging up on me.

Told me that it was me that made him hang up on me. When all I did was ask was my complaint forwarded? Really its that hard and that upsetting? I don't see where there is a point to get so bent out of shape to ask for a phone call back.

Especially if it is your job. I've started to wonder why some of the people at aarons are the way they are, but I can totally see it now. If you've ever spoken to any of those regional managers or anyone in corp. you will completely understand with their attitudes and how they treat people why some of them are so on edge.

It doesn't make it right but really the house cleaning needs to start with corp. I've never dealt with so many unprofessional people in my life. Who don't return phone calls, who don't forward messages, who call you by the wrong name and back bad behavior. I personally don't care what so and so has done for the company.

Let me ask ya what are you doing for your consumers? They do help pay for your stores the people that rent, they help pay salaries, they help pay for merchandise...and what happens?

This BS from a regional district office. Its sad.


@Madandpissed - Thank you for your feedback in reference to your local store. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Please feel free to contact me at 678-402-3403 or email me at to further assist you. Thanks - Jessica

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