We went to Aarons Rentals in Altus, OK to lease a refrigerator because our had died. We chose a nice Kenmore side by side that was "brand new" and had it delivered that day.

I was pregnant at the time so I had to have fresh fruits and veggies and other items that need to be kept cold. It was a Friday and after the item was installed and ready to go my husband and I went shopping and bought $500 worth of foods that needed to be frozen or kept cold (meats,milks,eggs,ect...). The next day, sometime around noon we noticed that the items in the freezer were not frozen, they had liquid forming instead of ice and were all defrosting. We checked the temp settings, the plug, and couldn't figure out why a "brand new" refrigerator would not be working.

We called Aarons, and talked to the man about this, the same guy we purchased the item from the DAY BEFORE. We told him that we had a large amount of food that we were loosing and no money to replace it if lost. He said that nothing could be done, that Monday would be the closest date before a repair man could come look. So for two days without refrigeration we had to give out the remaining foods that were not bad for people who were in need.

It took us 3 days before a new one was brought, in the wrapping, and with a working one, we had no food to fill it with. I called and wrote the corporation to be redeemed for the food that we lost due to a FAULTY ITEM that was leased to us. WE DID NOT SHIP IT THEY DID, so if it broke during shipping that was not our fault... they did not DID NOT cover the lost food.

We didn't keep our receipt for the food we bought after it was applied to our ledger so they claimed that since we had NO PROOF of the purchase and the amount they would not replace it. We left the food that had already gone bad in the old one for them to clean out.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Lol leaving the expired food in the fridge! Great idea! I lost $760000 after bed bugs took over my entire house


Or at least, test the fridge, before you put food in it.. I do!


You should have took the $500 went and bought you a fridge.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #715426
Aarons Verified Representative

Dear Anonymous,

Thanks for posting your review and for bringing this matter to my attention. I'm sorry to hear your refrigerator broke, the way the Altus store handled this situation, and the inconvenience this caused you and your family. I'd be happy to further assist you and look into this matter.

At your earliest convenience, please send me an email to Response@aarons.com or call me at 678-402-3711 referencing your name, agreement number, and the best contact number to reach you at.

I look forward to hearing from you,


Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #709819

There isn't any rule that says pregnant women have to eat fresh fruits and veggies and other items that have to be kept cold. If you don't have a refrigerator, you buy a few days worth at a time.

I was nine years old before my family had a refrigerator.

Until then eggs, milk, and everything wasn't refrigerated. Don't use your pregnancy as an excuse for having to eat the things you mentioned.

to anonymous Waterloo, Iowa, United States #738715

If you read her post correctly, she stated she bought a BRAND NEW refrigerator and then spent the money to fill it. She did not buy the items without having a working refrigerator to put it in.

Some pregnant women have to be on a diet high in fruits and veggies for the nutrients that they contain.

She may be a high risk for complications to the baby without a diet high in certain nutrients. Once again you pathetic!!

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