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After dealing with the Plant City Aarrons for 22 months on a 60" tv (we paid it off early) I was done with these people. Calling and harassing us if we was a day late, despite never missing a payment, and the fact that when we signed the lease we informed them of how our pay periods ran (two weeks vs their 1st and 15th payments) was told that was fine. Was once even told that that we needed to learn to budget our money when we made our payment on the 18th because of how our pay period ran. After a truly bad experience decide that we was done with them in Feb.

Then this week (April) they call and tell us they are having some new promotion. we told them After our last go round with them we wasn't interested. They explained that it was all new management and mostly new staff. We was planning on getting a Star Wars Xbox 360 anyways thru Kmarts Lay-a-way, but with 120 days same as cash we could get it now and still pay it off in time. So we ask if they have one, she informs us they have one comming in on the truck tomorrow. So we said we would take it and make a 1/2 a payment on it to hold it till we get there tomorrow.

I drive out there and get there before they get the xbox off the truck. While we are getting the paper work ready, I ask "So whats the cash price on this?" The girl looks it up and tells me $899.99. Now there is a Walmart in the next parking lot that I was just at that has it for $459.00, so I ask "Why is the cash price so high?" She doesn't know, so she asks the manager Ed. He comes out and he seems to be a nice guy. He explains to me how the ones in the store are just the system. No controller, no kinect, no games, and a smaller hard drive. I let him know I have been watching this system since before release and have heard nothing about any other version of this system. he tells me that they do make a 320g hard drive version as well as a 160g HD version. (they don't for the star wars limited edition) This feels like the same old Aarron's so after texting my wife we decide we will pass on dealing with them again.

Now Ed informs me that I can't get a refund for that partial payment because they ordered the item for me, (I thought i just got the ONE you had on the truck) but that I could get store credit. When I tell him I don't want store credit because I don't want todeal with them again, he lets me know that they do match prices. So if i found the Same system somewhere else for less he would match it.

I decide to run back over to Walmart and see if it is indeed the same system.

When I get back there the guy in electronics (great guy named Sam) he opens the case and i look at the system specs for the Star Wars Xbox. Same box, all the way down to the 320G hard drive. I ask if he has a flyer or something with the Xbox in it. He didn't but suggested I take pictures of the box and price tag. I did and took these back to Aarron's. Of course those won't work because he has to be able to show corporate the price match or he has to pay the diffrence and he tells me i'm a nice guy and all but he can't pay the $300 diffrence for me. (the difference is actually closer to $450) I tell him my wife just sent the link to the walmart site that has the price on it, and he tells me they don't have internet in the store, so I have my wife print and fax it to him.

Upon receipt of that he tells me that it won't work because it is an "internet price" and he can't match an internet price. I'm starting to become upset and so he show's on Aarron's website (wait I thought they didn't have internet in the store?) the price match requirements. He tells me that someoen at walmart should be able to provide me with something showing the price for the Xbox so he can match it for me. So I head back to Walmart to find a manager in the electronics department and Sam once again is very helpful. The Manager back there says the only thing she could provide that shows the price is a sales receipt. At this point I decide to ask the customer service their return policy, because I am to the point that I would buy the Xbox at walmart walk the receipt over to Aarron's and sign the lease and return the Walmart Xbox to get the money back on my card. Let's go talk to Ed and see if that works.

When I return to Aarron's Ed is on the phone with regional. While I am waiting for him another customer is talking with the girl about the Star Wars Xbox (you know the one I "ordered") When Ed gets off the phone, he informs me that he will sell me the Star Wars Xbox for the $459.00 but the lease cash price is $899.99. The reason is because Walmart doesn't take payments on their Xbox, so the $899.99 is the price for the ability to do payments. "So you have built in finance charges?" I ask. "No, it's not a finance charge." he said.

"So what kind of charge is it?"

"It's just a charge."

"A built in finance charge?"

"No it's just the cost of doing business, it's a mark up"

"A 100% mark up?"

"That's how business works"

Now while I am having this conversation with Ed the girl is starting a lease with the other customer on the Star Wars Xbox. (the one I "ordered" and have not yet said I am not getting)

By this point I just want my money and to be done with these people. Ed informs me that corporate will give me a refund, but that it could take a couple of weeks, so I take my out and agree and leave.

Part of what bothers me so much, is I spent over an hour jumping through hoops, trying to get what I was told I need to get a price matched, when the same as cash price would never be matched on a lease.

Some of the questions I still have is if I walked in and said "I want to buy that xbox how much is it?"


I pay with cash $899.99

If i say "i want to lease that xbox for 12 months how much is it?"

they figure the monthly payments based on $899.99 times the interest divided by 12 months and if I pay it off in 120 days it's just the $899.99 (same as cash)

If i want them to honor their price match promise it is $459.00 cash price, or lease it for $899.99, plus interest, and if i pay it off in 120 days it's only $899.99, same as cash (but not really since the cash price would be $459.00)

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They charge more cause they are letting you take it and make payment on the stuff. I been with Aaron sent 5 years and ain't had no trouble with them. If you don't like the price then go somewhere else.


You truly did miss the point. They lied to me, time and time again about the same as cash price, about the price matching, about built in financing, *** even about the store not having internet.

I invested my time based upon these lies.

I jump through hoops to get them to honor the deal the told me, and no matter what I provided they never had any intention of honoring that deal.

It was never about the actual price. It was the way they do business. They tell you one thing to get you in the door, they tell you another to get you to sign a lease, and then they tell you something else once you are in the lease.

What would have happened had I not asked the "same as cash price" before lease was signed? Would I have went through all the trouble to try to get them to price match is I knew they was never going to honor that?

I doubt it.

The thing is, I'm not an unreasonable person. Tell me you will price match, then match the price. Tell me that there is a built in finance charge, and let me decide if it's worth it to me (100% financing is not worth it in my opinion) But don't tell me that the built in financing is just the cost of doing business, while claiming there is no built in finance charge.

Don't tell me there is no internet in the store then pull up the companies website. Don't tell me you will take a 1/2 payment to hold something coming in, then claim i can't have a refund because you ordered it for me. Don't tell me you need something to be able to price match and then when I provide it tell me you won't match the price.

You are right though, if I don't like the price (money, time, dishonesty) of doing business with Aaron's then don't do business with them. And I haven't.

But I felt it was important to let others know what the real cost of doing business with aaron's was, because the people at aaron's sure are not going to do it.

If you are okay dealing with their shifting prices, their "deals" that cost you more than you were told it would, then by all means keep doing business with them. But you do that with full knowlege of how they work, something I didn't (an a lot of people that have yet to deal with them yet) have at the time.


They really is ripping people out of there money



My law firm is investigating claims against Aaron’s and their deceptive leasing practices. If you are interested in learning more and becoming part of the lawsuit you can contact me, Patrice Sandhu, at psandhu@susmangodfrey.com or Katherine Hoek at khoek@susmangodfrey.com.




im interested kinda had the similer thing happen to me this week with them in van buren ar


Same thing happened to me! I got a new laptop that was faulty and one of the pixels was out.

I had only had the laptop for two days and then the touch pad started not to work sometimes. I called implying a refund and all they said is they could swap it out. I said no, I am not overall happy with this laptop ya'll gave me and it also cost more than what its worth. I had to call the manufacture to see what it actually cost, which was 200 dollars more.

I thought this was the same as cash price and the manager on the phone said we would have given you 20% off if you came in and just bought it. How would a consumer supposed to know that if you don't disclose that they that have that option? So basically they are lying to people. To sum up the conversation with the manager, he ended it with saying " I don't know what to tell you".

The other employees were nice and helpful, I would at least thought the manager would be the same.

I have called the so called home office and made a complaint that is supposed to go to the regional manager. If I don't get my money back for this *** laptop, my next step is BBB.


man u wanna that starwars system just get it at gamestop

they give u everything for 4.23


they came and got me and my roommate stuff at 8 30 at night and they close at 9 and was expecting us to find the money frm a friend or they take the stuff. Never dealing with them again


I never said i wasn't late, I said I never missed a payment. and the being late was because of how our pay period was (every 2 weeks vs 1st and 15th) which they was informed about in the beginning. None of which is really the point of this post.


If they were calling you, you were late. How can you say you were never late and then in the next sentence say that you WERE late several time. I call BS.


we have never ever been late even after making a payment they called me 2 days in row and when looked up would alwayes say opps my bad i see it now we wont bother u again ridiculous


Your review help out a lot, I was just about to lease this furniture set from them and glad I didn't do it. Cause it more than likely over priced and could get it cheaper somewhere else... Thank you !!!


Thank you for your review in reference to your local Aaron's store. I would like to further discuss this with you.

Please contact me at Response@aarons.com or at 678-402-3403.

Thank you and I look forward to speaking with you soon. -Jessica

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