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I leased a "BRAND NEW" laptop from Aarons last October, 4 weeks later the screen fell out on to the keyboard. I took it back down to the store and they said they would look at it and send it to HP.

Hp stated there was a oily perfume in the computer and it corroded the plastic lining on the computer and said they would not repair it. This did not happen at my house. Aarons gave me a loaner which was oily on the keyboard and mouse which I told them before I left the store. Needless to say I have called every week since this has happened and the manager keeps telling me " Oh your computer is setting in corporate waiting on parts." Thats fine but it has been a YEAR!!

I called and filed a complaint and the customer service agent who answered informed me corporate does not have anything shipped to them to fix. I have spoken with the district manager and needless to say I have nothing accomplished.

After this issue gets resolved and I get a BRAND NEW laptop I will NEVER deal with Aarons again. I will not recommend them to anyone!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Repair.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

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next time buy a dell great computers owned 4 of them and all are still running today some alittle out of date but still working and go to your local best buy and get one 12months same as cash those rental companys are a ripoff they prey on people with bad credit

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