810 S Madison Ave, Douglas, GA 31533, USA
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We are still paying on our TV and our house got broken into and they stole it. Well we called Aaron's here in Douglas ga and they won't give us another TV or nothing.

We even took the police report up there and showed them. They claim they don't have insurance to cover if it's lost or stolen. So therefore we still have to pay for it unless we want our credit to go to ***.

Not to mention the rude girl that works up there. I will never get anything else from Aaron's as soon as i get done paying my stuff off.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Electronics Leasing.

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Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.This is very unfortuante.

We would love to help resolve this issue. We greatly appreciate your business and value you as a customer. Can you please email us at myexperience@aarons.com wit a good contact number, email address, and details of the issue in the email.

We lok forward to hearing from you!

Thank you,



Really? They won't just give you another TV?

SHOCKER!!!! If you failed to pay for the insurance when they offered it to you, than YES you are responsible for the payments still. Do you have homeowners insurance? Renters insurance?

If so file a claim so you can pay the TV off.

What is wrong with you? Wait let me guess, everybody owes you something because you were born.

I feel sorry for the people at Aarons! They have to deal with people like you every day.

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