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I had 2 months left on my contract and came into a little financial problem and asked them if i can pay my bill the next month and i will pay the whole account off. they told me no and to bring the merchandise back after paying 125 per month for 26 months and they expect me to return the merchandise.

i told them you will wait and then they had the nerve to come to my house and then it was on, they did not leave with the merchandise and for some odd reason they left me alone. maybe because of the big gun I

I live in the hood where anything goes so you just have to stand up to these *** people

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If you read your contract, you would understand that there is no grace period with Aaron's. You do not pay your bill, then you will lose your merchandise, plain and simple!!! :cry


i agree i mailed a money order foe my account and they put it on my daughthers then charged me late fees and was in my yard to take my stuff i had the money order traced and arrons said they never recived it and they didnt make mistakes even after i proved i was right they still wont ammit it....

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